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Biology -Important Terms

1- Amoeba: It is a unicellular fresh water organism, it is a simple Protozoan and has no definite shape.

2-Cirrhosis: It is a progressively inflammation disease of the live in which the liver cells are destroyed.

3-Carcinogen: Any substance or agent capable of causing cancer.

4-Bile: It is a secretion the liver in animals. It is an alkaline fluid that helps in digestion and absorption of fats.

5-Elephantiasis: It is a diseased state which constitutes one of the manifestations of filariasis.

6-Filariasis: It is an infestation with parasitic thread-like worms.

7-Gene: It is the basic unit of inheritance. A gene is a short length of a chromosome made of DNA which influences a particular set of characters in a particular way.

8-Gestation period: It is the period during which an embryo develops in the uterus of a mammal, from the time, of conception to birth.

9-Goitre: It is an enlargement of all of part of the thyroid gland, which appears as a smooth swelling at the front of the neck. Goitre generally occurs due to iodine deficiency.

10-Haemophilia: It is an inherited disease in which the blood fails to clot.

11-Histology: It is the biological science that deals with the study of structure of tissues.

12-Hormone: It is a chemical messenger produced by endocrine glands in animals and secreted directly into the bloodstream.

13-Immunity: It is an inbuilt defence mechanism by which vertebrates can resist infection caused by parasitic microorganisms or their products.

14-Incubation: It is the act of providing proper physical conditions for the development of the young ones of certain organisms. Commonly it is the hatching of eggs by means of heat natural or artificial.

15-Insulin: It is a protein. Hormone produced by the Islets of Langerhans, a part of the endocrine gland pancreas.

16-Leukemia: It is a kind of cancer in which certain white blood cells grow in an uncontrollable manner.

17-Melanin: It is a polymeric pigment responsible for colouring of eyes, skin and hair. Melanins are produced by epidermal cells called melanocytes.

18-Metamorphosis: It describes a change in an animal.

19-Neuron: It is an elongated greyish or reddish cell that is the basic functional unit of the nervous system.

20-Ornithology: It is the branch of zoology dealing with the study of life or birds, including their identification and behavioural patterns.

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