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*  Charles Elton (1927) showed tropical levels in the shape of ecological pyramid.Population in food chain in each tropical level shown in pyramid of number.

 * Sunlight is the main source of energy for all living organisms.Energy flow from one organism to another shown in food chain.

 *  Sun light is the main source of energy for an ecosystem.

* The position fit for animals in food web is called niche.

* Charles Elton put the producers at the base and carnivals at the tip of pyramid.

* The region of the world of living things is called biosphere.

*Biomass is also used as bio fuel.

*Methyl mercury in food causes minemate disease.

*In an aquatic ecosystem the pyramid of biomass is inverted.

*The tendency of pollutants to concentrate as they more from one tropical level to the next is known as bio

*Flow of material between organism and environment is called mineral circulation or Bio geo chemical cycle.

*The living organisms maintain a balance with its biotic and aboitic factors.

*The organic material produced during photosynthesis is called biomass.

Kolleru had been declared as bird sanctuary in 1999.

The process of entry of pollutants into food chain is known as bio-accumulation.


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