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Alfred Russel WallaceAlfred Russel Wallace
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Biology- One Liners



1-The study of human evaluation is Anthropology


2-The scientific name of man is Homosapian


3-The science of heredity is known as Genetics


4-The human animal which has XY pair of chromosomes is called male.


5-Differences in characters with in very closely related groups of organisms are called variations.


6-The book of Darwin is The origin of species


7-Darwin was influenced by Malthus theory.

8-Survival of fittest struggle for existence and natural selection was proposed by Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin







9-Structurally different but functionally similar organs are called Analogousorgans.


10-Structurally similar and functionally different organs are called Homologousorgans.


11-Alfred Russel Wallace did his studies in Indonesian Islands.

Alfred Russel Wallace
Alfred Russel Wallace







12-Charles Darwin voyaged in the ship named HMS begal.


13-Inheritance and acquired characters was proposed by Charles Darwin.


14-Sex chromosomes were discovered by Waltercetton and Morgan.


15-principles of geology was written by Sir, Charleslyeli.


16-The hormone which suppresses the hunger is Leptin.


17-The chemoreceptors otherwise are called Olfactory receptors.


18-The receptors that identify the taste and smell are called Chemoreceptors.


19-Pavlov conducted experiments on conditional reflexes.








20-The process of chewing and grinding the food in our mouth is called Mastication.


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