Agriculture- One Liners

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Agriculture-One Liners


1-The scientific study of soil is Pedology

2-Prabhat is an early short duration variety of Red gram

3- Soil factors are otherwise known as Edaphic factors

4-Triticum aestivum, the common bread wheat is Hexaploid

5-The Minimum Support Price for Foodgrains was introduced in the year 1964

6-HD 2967 is the new high yielding variety of Wheat

7-Monoculture is a typical characteristics of Commercial grain farming

8-Agronomy is a branch of Agriculture that deals with Principles and practice of crop production

9-The Black rust of disease of wheat is caused by Puccinia graminis


10-The adoption of High Yielding Variety Programme in Indian Agriculture started in 1966

11-Crop rotation helps to eliminate parasites which have selective hosts

12-CH4 gas is released from paddy fields

13-Gram and pigeon pea crops are responsible for almost 75% of pulse production in India.

pigeon pea
pigeon pea

14-In Jute growing areas the usual alternate crop is Rice

15-Fire curing is followed in Chewing type tobacco

16-Neelum is a variety of Mango

17- Vector of phyllody disease is Thrips

18- Botanically pineapple is a Sorosis

19-Ratna is a variety of Rice

20- WP abbreviates as Wettable Powder

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