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1-An ecosystem has two components namely Biotic and Abiotic

2-Antobodies that participate in the defense mechanisms of our body are Hormones

3-Aquatic plants with floating leaves have stomata only on upper surface

4-An antibiotic used for treating tuberculosis is Streptomycin

5-Algae often float on surface of water during the day but sink down during the night due to evolution and trapping of oxygen bubbles during the day in their photosynthesis

6-A simple sequence in which the grass grows, a cow eats the grass, a human eats the cow, or drinks its milk, is an example of a Food chain

7-ellow sport occur in Eye

8-Loss of memory is caused by the destruction of Cerebrum

9-Lowest rate of photosynthesis takes place in Green light

10-Spirullina is a terrestrial algae

11-A herbarium is a centre for the preservation of dried specimens of plants

12-The contractile proteins in a muscle are Actin and Myosin

13-From the bark of Cinchona plant is quinine extracted

14-‘Palak leaves’ are rich in Iron

15-Hypertension is the term used for increase in blood pressure.

16-‘Biosphere Reserve Project’ is aimed at protecting Flora and Fauna

17-Development of fruit without fertilization is Parthenocarpy

18-Cell wall of chloroplast is removed, the remaining is called Protoplast

19-Carbon dioxide is called a “GREEN HOUSE” gas because it absorbs infra-red radiation

20-Bronchitis is a disease of Respiratory tract organ.

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