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Our Earth

1-Universe : It is the totality of matter, energy and space including thesolar system, the galaxies nd contents of the space between the galaxies.

2-Standard Time -It is a uniform time for places in approximately  the same longitude.

3-Time Zone- Any of the 24 regions of the globe throughout which the same standard time is used.

4-Galaxy -These are composed of stars, dust and dark matter all held together by gravity.

5-Global Warming -It is the rise in the average temperatures of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans.

6-Environmental Crises -Global warming and poisoning of our soils, water and air are called environmental crises.

7-Prime Meridian- 0 degree longitude is called Prime Meridian or Greenwich Meridian.It passes through Greenwich , near London.

8-Core -It is the third and the thickest layer of the earth.

9-Mantle- The layer under the crust of the earth is called mantle.

10-Crust-The outer layer of the earth.

11-Latitudes-The horizontal circles that go round the earth.

12-Longitudes-The semi circles that connect north and south poles.

13-Big Bang -The sinle large explosion that created the universe.

14-Solar System-It is made up of all the planets that orbit the Sun.In addition to planets, the solar system also consists of moons,comets, asteroids, minor planets ,dust and gas.

15-Pangaea-It is a hypothetical continent from which present continents originated from the drift.

16-Gondwana Land-The break-up part of the Pangaea that consists of present South America, Africa,Madagascar,India, Arabia, Malaysia,East Indies,Australia and Antartica.

17-Grid -A pattern of square on a map that is formed of bi-section of two latitudes and longitudes.

18-Tethys Sea- A long shallow inland Sea that separated the blocks-Laurensia and Gondwana land.

19-Laurensia -The break-up part of Pangaea that consists of Present North America,Greenland and all of Eurasia North of Indian sub-continent.

20- Human beings arrived on earth about 1 lakh years ago.

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