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1- The surroundings where organisms live is called Habitat

2-The process through which the plants loss water through leave is known as  Transpiration

3-Sea animals like dolphins and whales do not have gills, they breathe in air through Nostrils or blowholes

4-Aquatic habitat is the habitat of plants and animals that live in water.

5-The layer of air around the earth is known as Atmosphare

6- Photosynthesis in the desert plants is carried out by the  stems.

7- Various non-living things such as plants and animals, in a habitat, are known as Abiotic components.

8- The process of changing of water vapour is called Evaporation

9-Changes in our surroundings that make us respond to them, are called stimuli

10-Neem plant is called Herbal –Indian Doctor.

11-Dog bite can cause rabies. Bat can also causes rabies.

12-DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid

13-Edward Jenner started vaccination.

14-Jones Salk  discovered the polio vaccine

15-Dr. Khorana’s work relates to genetic code

16- Man has 3 pairs of salivary glands.

17-The metallic part of hemoglobin is iron.

18-Hormones are carried from their place of production by blood.

19-Diabetes is caused by fall in insulin level

20-The gestation period for the elephant is 22 months.

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