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1-Korba Thermal power is located in Chhattisgarh

2-Through Viskhapatnam port ,the iron ore from Bailadia is exported.

3-Tamil Nadu is the largest producer of Lignite coal.

4- Jharia coalfield is the largest producer in India.

5- Gujarat- Maharashtra region has a well-developed petrochemical industry.

6-Tarapur is the oldest atomic power station

7-The Matalia multipurpose project is located in  Uttar Pradesh

8-The largest shipyard of India is located at Kochi

9-Rana Partap Sagar Plant ( Rajasthan) is associated with hydroelectricity

10-Coimbatore city is called the Manchester of South India

11-Ahemedabad city is called the ‘Bolfon of the  east

12-Jadugoda mines are famous for  Uranium Deposits

13-The production facilities of Hindustan photo  films company are located at Ooty.

14-Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. company manufactures Aircrafts  at Bangalore

15- The Damodar Valley Project concerns two States- West Bengal and Bihar

16-The Talcher Thermal Power Station is in Orissa

17-Tobacco was introduced into India by the Portuguese

18- The Satpura Thermal Power Station is in Madhya Pradesh

19-The Hirakud Project harnesses the water of the Mahanadi river

20-Black soil derived from volcanic rocks, with humus is suitable for growing Cotton.

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