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Cell-The Unit of Life

Cytology: It is the branch of biology that comprises the study of cell structure and function.

* Cell is the structural and functional unit of all living beings.

* There are two types of cells .They are plant cell and animal cell.

Characteristic features of Plant Cell

* Single large central vacuole is present.

*Cell wall present.

*Lysosomes present in less number.

* Single large central vacuole is present.

*There is no contractile vacuole.

*Spindle formed during cell division is anastral.

*Chromosomes are larger in size.

*Plant cells are generally well over 100 micrometer long.

*Mitochondria is generally spherical or oval in shape.

*Plastids are present, except fungi.

*Centrosome is usually absent from higher plant cells, except lower motile cells.

*Nucleus usually lies near periphery due to vacuole.

Other Important Oneliners-

*Max Shultze proposed protoplasm theory.

*All living beings are formed of cells, according to Lamarck

* It is N. Grew, who initiated cell concept

*Corti was the first to point out living substance is filled inside the cell.

It was called ‘Sarcode’ by Dujardin.

* It was Sachs, who proposed organismic theory.

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