Business GK and Trade Awareness Questions-2024

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Business GK and Trade Awareness Questions-April 22, 2024


  1. What did Minus Zero sign on Monday?
  2. With which organizations did Minus Zero sign the MoU?
  3. What is the main aim of the MoU signed by Minus Zero?
  4. By what percentage did investments in AI tech for the insurance sector increase in 2023?
  5. What was the total amount reached by these investments in 2023?
  6. What kind of agreement did Hyundai Motor Group sign on Monday?
  7. With which company did Hyundai sign the power purchase agreement?
  8. What is the new platform fee for Zomato per order after a 25% hike?
  9. How much wheat is Punjab expected to procure according to Chief Secretary Anurag Verma?
  10. How much wheat has already been acquired by Punjab?
  11. What was the total net direct tax collections for the fiscal year 2023-24?
  12. By what percentage did the net direct tax collections exceed the Budget Estimates?
  13. What upcoming data will influence market trends according to Vinod Nair?
  14. What new feature will Tesla cars soon have?
  15. Who mentioned that this is the ideal time for global companies to start business in India?
  16. What is the expected GenAI spending in the Asia-Pacific by 2027?
  17. What was the total net members added in the EPFO in February this year?
  18. How many startups secured funding in India last week?
  19. What was the percentage of Volkswagen workers voting to unionize in Chattanooga?
  20. What was the net profit reported by IREDA for the fiscal year 2023-24?
  21. Who commented on the government’s transformative economic policies recently in Ahmedabad?
  22. How has India’s employment landscape been influenced by the adoption of hybrid work models?
  23. What is the growth rate of GenAI spending in the Asia-Pacific from now until 2027?
  24. What percentage of new EPFO members in February belong to the 18-25 age group?
  25. How much has IREDA reduced its net non-performing assets?
  26. What fiscal achievements did the Finance Minister highlight in her recent statement?
  27. How did investments in AI technology impact the insurance sector in 2023?
  28. What renewable energy source will power Hyundai’s EV plant in the US?
  29. What was the first platform fee introduced by Zomato?
  30. What ongoing economic indicators are expected to influence the markets next week?


  1. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
  2. International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) and I-Hub Data.
  3. To foster an autonomous driving research ecosystem in India.
  4. 18 percent.
  5. Nearly $2 billion.
  6. A 174-megawatt power purchase agreement (PPA).
  7. Matrix Renewables.
  8. Rs 5 per order.
  9. 132 lakh metric tons.
  10. 17.14 lakh metric tons.
  11. Rs 19.58 lakh crore.
  12. 7.4 percent.
  13. GDP, PMI, and jobless claims from the US, and Indian PMI data and Q4 results.
  14. An integrated experience with X social media platform.
  15. Ritesh Agarwal, CEO of OYO Rooms.
  16. $26 billion.
  17. 15.48 lakh net members.
  18. 21 startups.
  19. 73 percent.
  20. Rs 1,252.23 crores.
  21. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
  22. Significant opportunity for video conferencing due to hybrid work models.
  23. 95.4 percent.
  24. 56.36 percent.
  25. 40.52 percent.
  26. Overcoming the twin balance sheet problem and addressing economic issues.
  27. By increasing private equity and venture financing.
  28. Solar energy.
  29. Rs 2.
  30. The earnings season and global cues.

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Here are additional one-liner questions and answers:

Additional Questions:

  1. Who presided over the emergency meeting about wheat procurement in Punjab?
  2. How much has been paid to farmers for wheat purchases in Punjab so far?
  3. What is the current fiscal year’s corporate and personal income tax collection in India?
  4. What notable integration will soon be available in Tesla cars?
  5. What economic issue did Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman discuss that has been improved since 2014?
  6. How much funding did 37 startups secure in India this week?
  7. Who announced the unionization vote results at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant?
  8. What percentage of IREDA’s net profit increase was reported this fiscal year compared to the last?
  9. Where did Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman speak about economic policies recently?
  10. What was the significant growth in net direct tax collections in terms of percentage from the previous year?

Additional Answers:

  1. Chief Secretary Anurag Verma.
  2. Rs 898 crore.
  3. Rs 19.58 lakh crore.
  4. Integration with the X social media platform.
  5. The issue of double-digit inflation and businesses relocating overseas.
  6. About $310 million.
  7. The United Auto Workers (UAW) and the company.
  8. 44.83 percent.
  9. In Ahmedabad.
  10. 17.7 percent.

Business GK and Trade Awareness Questions-April 12, 2024

One-Liner Questions

  1. Which company joined the global consortium promoting open-source AI research?
  2. When was the AI Alliance founded?
  3. What is the name of the initiative involving supply chain resilience led by the United States?
  4. On what date will the Indo Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) enter into force in South Korea?
  5. How many member nations are involved in the IPEF initiative?
  6. Which company received a GST demand notice from Hyderabad GST Commissionerate?
  7. What is the penalty amount imposed on ICICI Lombard by the GST authorities?
  8. What new repair enhancement did Apple announce?
  9. When will Apple start allowing the use of used parts in iPhone repairs?
  10. Which airline announced new flights to Agatti and Jalgaon?
  11. From which date will FLY91 start its new flights?
  12. What is the compensation amount South Korea has to pay to Mason Capital according to the international tribunal?
  13. What major online service is Starlink planning to launch in India?
  14. Which company announced a new product in its external SSD portfolio?
  15. What is the storage capacity of Kingston’s newly announced XS1000 SSD?
  16. What agreement did Tata Passenger Electric Mobility sign with Shell India?
  17. Who has been appointed as the CEO of Essar Power’s renewable business?
  18. What percentage of software engineers are expected to use AI code assistants by 2028?
  19. What is the fine imposed on Hindalco Industries by the Ahmedabad Customs Commissioner?
  20. What is the starting price of the Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS corporate edition?
  21. How many colors is the new Hyundai vehicle available in?
  22. What is India’s GDP growth forecast for 2024-25 as per the Asian Development Bank?
  23. What technology did CNH announce the expansion of in India?
  24. Who acquired stakes in L&T Infrastructure Development Projects Limited?
  25. By how much did India’s export of digitally delivered services increase in 2023?
  26. How many users received threat notifications from Apple regarding spyware?
  27. What AI model will OnePlus and OPPO integrate into their devices?
  28. What claim did Elon Musk make regarding the X platform and Brazilian Parliament members?
  29. Who are the new members appointed to the University Grants Commission?
  30. What role does Ashish Kumar Chauhan hold at the National Stock Exchange?


  1. Kakao.
  2. December.
  3. Indo Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF).
  4. Next Wednesday from the date of the announcement.
  5. 14
  6. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited.
  7. Rs 1,478,606.
  8. Utilizing used Apple parts in repairs.
  9. This fall.
  10. FLY91.
  11. April 18.
  12. 43.8 billion won ($32 million).
  13. Satellite broadband services.
  14. Kingston Technology.
  15. 1TB and 2TB.
  16. A non-binding Memorandum of Understanding to set up public charging stations.
  17. Ankur Kumar.
  18. 75%.
  19. Rs 30 crore.
  20. Rs 6,93,200.
  21. Seven.
  22. 7%.
  23. A Multi-Vehicle Simulator (MVS).
  24. Epic Concesiones Private Limited.
  25. 17%.
  26. Users in 92 countries.
  27. Gemini 1.0 Ultra.
  28. That it was asked to suspend accounts.
  29. Ashish Kumar Chauhan and Sridhar Vembu among others.
  30. MD and CEO.

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Additional One-Liner Questions

  1. Which countries lead the broadband market in India?
  2. What sustainable initiative does the collaboration between Tata Passenger Electric Mobility and Shell India focus on?
  3. What is the role of the newly appointed CEO at Essar Power’s renewable business division?
  4. What is the predicted year by which 75% of software engineers will use AI code assistants?
  5. What major global tech giants lead the AI Alliance that Kakao joined?
  6. What event prompted the international tribunal to order South Korea to pay compensation to Mason Capital?
  7. What are the names of the two Samsung affiliates involved in the 2015 merger controversy?
  8. How many times a week will FLY91 operate flights to Agatti?
  9. What was the primary reason for issuing GST demand notices to companies according to recent reports?
  10. Which repair option has Apple enhanced for iPhone users starting this fall?

Additional Answers

  1. Reliance Jio Infocomm and Bharti Airtel.
  2. Setting up public charging stations for electric vehicles.
  3. He is tasked with advancing Essar’s commitment to transitioning into green energy.
  4. By 2028.
  5. IBM and Meta.
  6. An investor-state lawsuit over a controversial 2015 merger.
  7. Cheil Industries and Samsung C&T.
  8. Four times a week.
  9. Discrepancies in input tax credit (ITC).
  10. Allowing the use of used Apple parts.

Business GK and Trade Awareness Questions-March 23, 2024

One Liner: Business GK and Trade Awareness Questions

  1. When is Amazon India set to revise its seller fee structure?
  2. What was the last time Amazon revised its seller fee structure before the upcoming revision?
  3. Will the revised seller fee structure on Amazon India include GST?
  4. What technology did Apple reportedly shelve plans for in its smartwatch display screens?
  5. What are Apple’s new display plans for the iPad Pro models?
  6. Which authority is investigating the Vodafone and Three UK merger?
  7. By what percentage did the volume of coal imported for blending by thermal power plants reduce during April 2023 to January 2024?
  8. What is the goal of the ‘Illness to Wellness’ initiative?
  9. What economic trend is driving growth in the Indian economy, according to the Finance Ministry?
  10. What was the focus of the US FOMC meeting according to Joseph Thomas?
  11. How much did India’s foreign exchange reserves increase for the week ended March 15?
  12. What fine did the DGCA impose on Air India?
  13. Who chaired the RBI’s Central Board of Directors meeting?
  14. Which sectors were top gainers in the domestic equities rally?
  15. What concern did brokerage firm Elara Securities express regarding liquidity?
  16. What is India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission aimed at?
  17. Where is Tech Mahindra’s Synergy Lounge located?
  18. What is India considered the next big playground for, according to Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman?
  19. How much did Indian steel markets’ average prices drop sequentially in the last quarter?
  20. Who announced plans to create an advanced chip design facility in Tamil Nadu?
  21. How many offline locations does Byju’s claim to operate?
  22. Who did Zomato Co-founder Deepinder Goyal marry?
  23. What new gallery did Gautam Adani announce in partnership with The Science Museum in the UK?
  24. What is the predicted increase in 5G smartphones in India by December 2025?
  25. What government advisory was issued regarding online betting and gambling promotions?
  26. Which cars will Hyundai Motor Group provide for the South Korea-Africa Summit?
  27. What is the purpose of the MoU signed by Mahindra & Mahindra with ATEL?
  28. What recent position did India achieve at the International Telecommunication Union?
  29. What significant acquisition did Jupiter Wagons Limited announce?
  30. What is the RBI’s new framework aimed at for its regulated entities?

One Liner Answers: Business GK and Trade Awareness Questions

  1. April 7.
  2. May 2023.
  3. No, it does not include the 18% GST.
  4. MicroLED technology.
  5. OLED displays from Samsung and LG.
  6. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).
  7. 36.69%.
  8. To generate awareness on mind and body conditions and promote healthy living.
  9. Robust investment activity and strengthening private consumption demand.
  10. The indication of rate cuts.
  11. $6.4 billion.
  12. Rs 80 lakh.
  13. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das.
  14. Auto, pharma, and realty stocks.
  15. The drying up of foreign liquidity in small and mid cap space.
  16. To put India at the forefront of global hydrogen development.
  17. Singapore.
  18. Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  19. 3-4%.
  20. Sridhar Vembu and Ananthan Ayyasamy.
  21. 262 locations.
  22. Grecia Munoz.
  23. ‘Energy Revolution: The Adani Green Energy Gallery’.
  24. From 150 million to around 500 million.
  25. Against promoting or advertising offshore online betting and gambling platforms.
  26. The luxury Genesis brand’s G90 and G80 sedans.
  27. To build a greener future with an expansive EV charging infrastructure.
  28. Co-chair of its Digital Innovation Board.
  29. Bonatrans India Private Limited (BIPL).
  30. Recognising self-regulatory organisations (SROs).

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Additional Questions

  1. What digital technologies will Tech Mahindra’s Synergy Lounge focus on?
  2. How did the domestic markets behave during the week of the US FOMC meeting announcement?
  3. What was the sequential change in foreign exchange reserves from the week ending March 8 to March 15?
  4. What specific regulations did Air India violate, leading to the DGCA’s financial penalty?
  5. What topics were discussed at the RBI’s Central Board of Directors meeting?
  6. How did the Nifty and Sensex perform on the rally day mentioned?
  7. What is the primary concern regarding the valuation-related concerns in the markets?
  8. What is the potential impact of the Vodafone and Three UK merger, according to the CMA?
  9. What initiative aims to prevent and control mother-to-child transmission of viral hepatitis?
  10. What was the outcome of the RBI’s review of the global and domestic economic situation?

Additional Answers

  1. AI, Intelligent Automation, Hybrid Cloud, 5G, Edge Computing, and Cybersecurity.
  2. Remained volatile with a focus on the FOMC meeting outcome.
  3. Increased by $6.4 billion.
  4. Flight duty time limitations (FDTL) and fatigue management system (FMS) regulations.
  5. The global and domestic economic situation, digital payments, consumer education, and the bank’s budget for 2024-25.
  6. The Nifty closed with gains of 85 points at 22,097, and the Sensex advanced 190.75 points to finish at 72,832.
  7. The actual ‘froth’ in the markets as earnings season approaches.
  8. It could lead to higher prices for consumers.
  9. The ‘Winning Over Mothers With Hepatitis B’ (WOMB) initiative.
  10. Discussed challenges posed by geopolitical developments and global financial market volatility.

Business GK and Trade Awareness Questions- January 24

One-Liner Questions-Business GK and Trade Awareness

  1. What company terminated its merger agreements with Zee Entertainment?
  2. What issue did a customer face after purchasing a laptop from Flipkart?
  3. Who shared a video on a platform regarding a laptop purchase issue with Flipkart?
  4. Why did Amazon receive a notice from the CCPA?
  5. What action did Amazon announce in response to CCPA’s notice?
  6. Which company signed a contract with Boeing for manufacturing aircraft components?
  7. What milestone did Volvo Car India achieve recently?
  8. What led to a rebound in benchmark equity indices in early trade?
  9. What initiative was announced by o9 Solutions in partnership with the State government?
  10. What new flight route was launched by GHIAL in partnership with Lufthansa Airlines?
  11. What new motorcycle models did Bajaj Auto Ltd unveil?
  12. What campaign was launched by the Telangana government at the WEF?
  13. What price change did Maruti Suzuki India announce?
  14. What new aircraft model is Boeing set to showcase at Wings India 2024?
  15. Which company started production at its new facility in Sanand, Gujarat?
  16. What divisions were affected by Google’s recent layoffs?
  17. What is the projected growth rate of the Indian economy for the next fiscal?
  18. What remained flat in price according to HDFC Securities, and what increased?

Answers-Business GK and Trade Awareness

  1. Culver Max Entertainment (formerly Sony Pictures Networks India) terminated its merger agreements with Zee Entertainment.
  2. The customer claimed to have received an old, discarded laptop instead of the new one he purchased.
  3. Souro Mukherjee shared the video on a platform.
  4. Amazon received a notice for selling sweets as ‘Shri Ram Mandir Ayodhya Prasad’.
  5. Amazon said it is taking appropriate action against such listings.
  6. Tata Advanced Systems Ltd. (TASL) signed the contract with Boeing.
  7. Volvo Car India announced the production of its 10,000th car in India.
  8. Buying in bank and IT stocks, along with a firm trend in the US markets, led to the rebound.
  9. o9 Solutions announced the launch of a specialized supply chain skills academy.
  10. GHIAL launched direct flights from Hyderabad to Frankfurt, Germany.
  11. Bajaj Auto Ltd unveiled the Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 and Vitpilen 250.
  12. The “#InvestInTelangana” campaign was launched by the Telangana government.
  13. Maruti Suzuki India announced a price increase across its model range.
  14. Boeing’s new wide-body 777-9 jet will make its debut at Wings India 2024.
  15. Tata Motors commenced production at its new facility in Sanand.
  16. Google laid off workers in its core engineering division, Google Assistant, and hardware division.
  17. The Indian economy is projected to grow at 6.2 percent in the next fiscal.
  18. Gold price remained flat, while silver price climbed.

Business GK and Trade Awareness- January 9, 2024

Questions: Business GK and Trade Awareness

  1. Who chaired the maiden edition of the Inland Waterways Development Council (IWDC)?
  2. What is the total investment committed for river cruise tourism development in India?
  3. How much of the investment for river cruise tourism is allocated for cruise vessels?
  4. What initiatives were launched by Sarbananda Sonowal at the IWDC?
  5. What new products were introduced by HP?
  6. Why has InsuranceDekho suspended travel insurance sales to the Maldives?
  7. What significant trend in individual income inequality was reported in an SBI report?
  8. What program is offered by Max Healthcare and IIM Kashipur?
  9. How much investment intention was announced by Tamil Nadu Government with various industrial groups?
  10. What are the features and price of the new Fire-Boltt smartwatch?
  11. What is Moody’s view on the arbitral tribunal’s decision regarding Delhi International Airport Ltd?
  12. What milestone has the Indian mutual fund industry reached according to AMFI?
  13. What profit did fintech unicorn Incred post in FY23?
  14. What investment plans were announced by Adani Group in Tamil Nadu?
  15. What does the latest AMFI Data for December 2023 reveal about equity mutual fund inflows?
  16. Why is Sony Group Corp planning to call off the merger with Zee Entertainment?
  17. What changes did DGCA make in the Flight Duty Time Limitations (FDTL) for flight crew?
  18. How many employees might be affected by Flipkart’s reported workforce reduction?
  19. Who stepped down as CMO at OPPO India?
  20. What is the expected level of India’s agricultural exports in 2023-24?

Answers: Business GK and Trade Awareness

  1. Union Minister of Ports, Shipping & Waterways Sarbananda Sonowal.
  2. Rs 45,000 crore.
  3. Rs 35,000 crore.
  4. ‘Harit Nauka’ guidelines and ‘River Cruise Tourism Roadmap, 2047’.
  5. HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptops and HP Series 5 Monitors.
  6. Due to derogatory remarks made by Maldivian ministers against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  7. A decline, with 36.3% of taxpayers moving to higher income tax brackets.
  8. Post Graduate Executive Programme in Hospital Management.
  9. Rs. 664,180 crore.
  10. DREAM wristphone with 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, priced at Rs 5,999.
  11. It’s credit positive, as it excuses the airport from revenue share obligations during the pandemic.
  12. Assets under management surpassing Rs 50 lakh crore.
  13. Rs 109 crore.
  14. Rs 42,768 crore in renewable energy, cement manufacturing, data center, and city gas distribution.
  15. A 9% increase to Rs 17,000 crore.
  16. Due to a standoff over leadership roles in the merged entity.
  17. Updates in line with international best practices.
  18. Nearly 1,500 employees, around 5-7% of the workforce.
  19. Damyant Singh Khanoria.
  20. To exceed last year’s level of $53 billion.

Business GK and Trade Awareness- December 30, 2023

One-Liner Questions: Business GK and Trade Awareness

  1. What was notable about Wall Street’s performance in 2023?
  2. What factors contributed to Wall Street’s success in 2023?
  3. How many condoms did a customer from South Delhi order from Blinkit in 2023?
  4. What unusual purchase trend was observed in Gurugram in 2023 according to Blinkit Trends?
  5. How many PartySmart tablets were delivered in 2023?
  6. How many representatives attended the Assembly of 10,000 for World Peace, and who inaugurated it?
  7. What are Elon Musk’s plans for the Indian EV market?
  8. How much did FPI inflows total in 2023, according to V K Vijayakumar?
  9. What trend is expected in the tech industry in the coming year regarding AI and business performance?
  10. What was Snapdeal’s revenue and profit in FY23?
  11. What ruling was made against Elon Musk’s company regarding content moderation in California?
  12. What new service did NPCI launch for the equity cash segment?
  13. What changes did RBI make to the Internal Ombudsman norms?
  14. How much did the Indian government increase interest rates on small savings schemes for Jan-Mar 2024?
  15. How did LinkedIn’s ad revenue compare to Elon Musk’s companies in 2023?
  16. What legal action did Wipro take against its former CFO?
  17. What is the expected GDP growth rate for the Indian economy in 2023-24?
  18. What milestone did ACC Higher Secondary School in Madhya Pradesh reach?
  19. Who reclaimed the title of the world’s richest man in 2023?
  20. How did the Indian equities market perform on the last day of the year?
  21. What percentage of borrowers in India understand data privacy rules?
  22. What significant finance deal did SJVN secure?
  23. What growth did the eight core sector industries experience in November?
  24. What was India’s fiscal deficit for the first eight months of the current financial year?
  25. How much did the cybersecurity market in India grow in 2023?
  26. What are the price predictions for gold according to Emkay Wealth Management?

Answers: Business GK and Trade Awareness

  1. Wall Street hit record highs repeatedly in 2023.
  2. A resilient job market, robust consumer spending, and easing inflation boosted investor confidence.
  3. 9,940 condoms.
  4. More Tonic water than soft drinks were ordered.
  5. 30,02,080 tablets.
  6. 10,125 representatives; Dr. Tony Nader inaugurated it.
  7. Elon Musk plans to enter with Tesla Model 3 and local manufacturing.
  8. Rs 171106 crores.
  9. Focus on AI and outcome-based performance metrics.
  10. Rs 388 crore in revenue; reduced losses by 45%.
  11. The company must comply with California’s law on content moderation.
  12. “UPI for Secondary Market”.
  13. Harmonized and strengthened instructions for the IO mechanism.
  14. Increased by 10-20 basis points.
  15. LinkedIn’s revenue increased to nearly $4 billion, up 10.1%.
  16. Sought Rs 25.15 crore damages for violating non-compete clause.
  17. Expected to exceed 6.5%.
  18. Celebrated its 100th anniversary.
  19. Elon Musk, with a net worth exceeding Bernard Arnault’s by over $50 billion.
  20. Ended flat with minor losses.
  21. Only 18%.
  22. Rs 10,000 crore ($1.2 billion) construction finance.
  23. 7.8% growth.
  24. Rs 9.07 lakh crore, 50.7% of the annual estimate.
  25. Grew at a CAGR of over 30%.
  26. Test levels from $2,060 to $2,090 per ounce, potential to reach $2,115.

Business GK and Trade Awareness- October 28, 2023


  1. What was the gross revenue of RIL for Q2 FY24?
  2. By what percentage did JPL’s revenue increase Y-o-Y?
  3. How much was BPCL’s consolidated net profit for Q2 FY 23-24?
  4. What was the half-yearly profit clocked by the public sector giant?
  5. To whom has REC Power Development handed over the SPV for the construction of the Ramgarh II Transmission project?
  6. What is the announced price by RBI for the premature redemption of sovereign gold bonds?
  7. What is India’s current position in terms of the largest metro network in the world?
  8. How much metro rail was operational in India in 2014?
  9. By how much did India’s foreign exchange reserves fall during the week ended October 20?
  10. What percentage of towers currently have fiberisation in preparation for 6G?
  11. Who has replaced Fernando Fernandez as the President, Beauty & Wellbeing at Unilever?
  12. To which US destinations has Air India deployed its newly inducted Boeing 777 aircraft?
  13. How many hours a week did Narayana Murthy advise youngsters in India to work?
  14. How much was Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories’ net profit for the quarter ended September 30, 2023?
  15. Which company will become the first Indian company to manufacture new Apple iPhones in the country?
  16. How many skilled workers does India currently lack in the telecom sector for the 5G era?
  17. With whom did Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for setting up ten CBG projects?
  18. How much has the job postings for cybersecurity in India increased from 2019 to 2022?


  1. RIL’s gross revenue for Q2 FY24 was Rs 2.55 lakh crore ($30.8 billion).
  2. JPL’s revenue increased by 10.6 per cent Y-o-Y.
  3. BPCL’s consolidated net profit for Q2 FY 23-24 was Rs 8,244 crore.
  4. The public sector giant clocked a half-yearly profit of Rs 19,052 crore.
  5. REC Power Development handed over the SPV to Power Grid Corporation of India.
  6. RBI announced a price of Rs 6,079 per unit for the premature redemption of sovereign gold bonds.
  7. India currently has the 3rd largest metro network in the world.
  8. In 2014, 248 km of metro rail was operational in India.
  9. India’s foreign exchange reserves fell by $2.36 billion during the week ended October 20.
  10. 38 per cent of towers are currently fiberised.
  11. Priya Nair has replaced Fernando Fernandez.
  12. Air India deployed its Boeing 777 aircraft to Mumbai-New York JFK Airport, Newark Liberty Airport (New Jersey), and San Francisco.
  13. Narayana Murthy advised youngsters to work 70 hours a week.
  14. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories’ net profit for the quarter ended September 30, 2023, was Rs1,192.6 crore.
  15. Tata Electronics will manufacture new Apple iPhones in the country.
  16. India faces a shortage of 2.41 million skilled workers in the telecom sector for the 5G era.
  17. PEDA signed an MoU with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL) for setting up ten CBG projects.
  18. Job postings for cybersecurity in India increased by 81 per cent from 2019 to 2022.

Business GK and Trade Awareness- September 21, 2023

One-Liner Questions:

  1. Who is Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd (GPL) divesting its stake to?
  2. What is the equity valuation of Glenmark Life Sciences after the divestment?
  3. How much of a stake is being sold in government-owned power major SJVN?
  4. What has happened to the crypto job market in India between August 2022 and 2023?
  5. Who is acquiring Splunk and for how much?
  6. What economic value is Generative AI (GenAI) expected to generate annually?
  7. What is the dispute between SpiceJet’s Chairman and a Delhi businessman about?
  8. What did the Finance Ministry say about household savings in the country?
  9. How much has the IPL ecosystem value increased?
  10. How is Nasscom reacting to the ongoing India-Canada diplomatic row?
  11. Why did General Motors idle its Fairfax plant in Kansas?
  12. What trend did Nifty show on Thursday?
  13. What is the focus of STL’s new manufacturing facility in the US?
  14. How are domestic IT firms in India responding to deteriorating relations with Canada?
  15. What operation did the Income Tax department of Gujarat launch in Ahmedabad?


  1. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd (GPL) is divesting its 75 per cent stake in Glenmark Life Sciences to Nirma Limited.
  2. The equity valuation of Glenmark Life Sciences after the divestment is Rs 7,535.4 crore.
  3. A 4.92 per cent stake in SJVN is being offered for sale in the stock market.
  4. The crypto job market in India saw a decline of 64.20 per cent in job postings and a 15.20 per cent drop in job searches between August 2022 and 2023.
  5. Cisco is acquiring Splunk for about $28 billion.
  6. Generative AI (GenAI) is expected to generate economic value worth $2.6-$4.4 trillion annually.
  7. The dispute is about a share purchase agreement where the businessman paid Rs 10 lakh for 10 lakh shares but did not receive them.
  8. The Finance Ministry dismissed fears about household savings falling to a multi-decade low as a reflection of distress in the economy.
  9. The IPL ecosystem value has increased from Rs 87,000 crore to Rs 92,500 crore, or about 6.3 per cent.
  10. Nasscom said it will engage with stakeholders to track the impact of the India-Canada diplomatic row and support IT and tech companies if needed.
  11. General Motors idled its Fairfax plant in Kansas due to a United Auto Workers (UAW) strike.
  12. Nifty fell on Thursday, indicating bearish sentiments and is expected to remain in the 19,645-19,865 band for the near term.
  13. STL’s new $56 million manufacturing facility in the US focuses on driving rural broadband build.
  14. Domestic IT firms in India are adopting a “wait and watch” approach in response to deteriorating relations with Canada.
  15. The Income Tax department of Gujarat launched a search operation in Ahmedabad to shed light on potential large-scale benami transactions.

Business GK and Trade Awareness- August 6, 2023

What was the first-day sales figure for Xiaomi’s Redmi 12 Series launch in India?

Answer: Over 300,000 units.

Why is the Indian government considering reducing import duty on wheat?

Answer: Due to rising domestic prices of wheat.

At what price per quintal have wheat prices gone up in India?

Answer: Rs 2,500 per quintal.

How much has Astra reduced its workforce by?

Answer: Approximately 25%, including around 70 employees.

Why is Elon Musk’s X Corp unable to pay verified creators on time?

Answer: Flooded with requests for payments as part of its ad revenue-sharing program.

What is the new deadline for the Central government’s decision on restricting laptop and computer imports?

Answer: November 1.

What is the amount that SoftBank is suing IRL for due to fake user base and growth?

Answer: $150 million.

What caused the UN’s FAO All Rice Price Index to increase significantly?

Answer: India’s prohibition of non-parboiled Indica rice exports.

How much did the FAO Food Price Index increase in July from the previous month?

Answer: 1.3%.

On what occasion did Myntra highlight its made-in-India D2C brands supporting handloom weavers?

Answer: Eighth Handloom Day.

Who reported that FPIs turned sellers in the Indian market after sustained buying?

Answer: V.K. Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist at Geojit Financial Services.

What percentage increase in losses due to smuggling did the Indian government face from 2010 to 2020?

Answer: 163%.

What is the financial impact of the tax loss due to smuggling across five industries?

Answer: Rs 58,521 crore.

Which two top-level executives recently exited Ola Electric ahead of their IPO plans?

Answer: Slokarth Dash (Head of Strategy and Planning) and Saurabh Sharda (Head of Growth and Corporate Affairs).

When did Mahindra University hold its 2nd Annual Convocation?

Answer: August 5.


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