Business Awareness Questions

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Business Awareness Questions

By how much have investments in the country increased between 2014-15 and 2022-23?

Answer: 65% – from Rs 32,78,096 crore to Rs 54,34,691 crore.

What indicates the combined investment of the government and private sector in the economy?

Answer: Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF).

Which company retained its top spot in the global memory chip market in Q1 despite lackluster earnings?

Answer: Samsung Electronics.

What caused SK hynix Inc to be pushed back to third place in the memory chip market?

Answer: Output cut and Samsung’s dominance.

What is the expected outcome of the upcoming MPC meeting regarding RBI’s policy rates?

Answer: Maintaining policy rates at 6.5%.

Why might China lag in the global memory chip and AI race?

Answer: Restrictions on tech sharing with China by the US administration.

How much has Reliance Industries contributed to the national exchequer from FY21 to FY23?

Answer: Over Rs 5 lakh crore.

How many patent applications did Reliance file during FY23?

Answer: 171, with 141 patents granted.

What is Jio-bp’s role in India’s EV transition?

Answer: Creating a robust EV charging infrastructure and battery swapping network.

How much did Reliance India Limited’s exports grow in FY23 compared to FY22?

Answer: 33.4%, reaching Rs 3,40,048 crore.

Which country is the primary target of global ransomware attacks, according to a report?

Answer: The US, with over 43% of attacks originating there.

How much did US-based ransomware attacks increase in the observed period?

Answer: 75% increase in the average number of monthly attacks.

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