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Business/Economy    candle-light-animated-about-us-gk

1-The amalgamation of Centurion bank and HDFC bank in India was carried out in the year 2008

2-SBI was nationalised in the year 1955

3-Banking Regulation Act was passed in the year 1949

4- RBI Act come into existence in 1934

5-India a member of IMF since 1947

6-Ministry of Finance, Government of India issues one rupee coins in India

7-In 1982 NABARD was established

8-National Housing Bank is the apex institution of housing finance in India

9-State Bank of India is the largest commercial bank of India

10-Oudh Commercial Bank was the first bank with limited liability managed by Indians

11-Demonetization means withdrawal of currency from circulation which is done to ambush black market

12-Ahmedabad Stock Exchange (ASE) is the first RSE to start its functioning in India

13-National Planning Committee was set up by Subhash Chandra Bose

14-Textile sector is the second largest provider of employment

15-Karnataka state is the largest producer of fuel wood in India followed by West Bengal, Maharashtra and Bihar

16-Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of ‘gums’ in India followed by Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh

17-Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of Tendu leaves in India followed by Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra

18-The first successful modem cotton textile mill was established by an entrepreneur C.N. Dewar.

19- Kanpur is the Manchester of Uttar Pradesh

20- Coimbatore city is known as the Manchester of South India

21-Maharashtra is the leading Indian state with the highest number of powerlooms followed by Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh.

22-In 1830 the first iron and steel unit on modern lines was established

23- Tata Iron and Steel Company( TISCO) was set up at Sakchi, Jamshedpur in 1907

24- Mysore Iron and Steel Company is established in 1923 .It is located at Bhadravati on the banks of river Bhadravati in Shimoga district of Karnataka

25-Indian Aluminium Corporation Ltd started its production in 1938

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