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1-Regional Rural Banks have been set up with the basic objectives of providing credit, deposit and other banking facilities to people in rural areas

2-Global Market means market of all major countries and their alliances

3-Inflation in India is measured on Wholesale Price Index (WPI) indexes/indicators

4-Which organizations /agencies works solely to monitor and arrange flow of agriculture credit in India ?

5-India’s first indigenous payment gateway is – India Pay

6-When the customer withdraws cash from ATM, the banker and customer relationship is –  Debtor and Creditor

7-Regional Rural Banks were set up on the recommendations of  Narasimham committee

8-The instrument which provides proprietary interest in company and which entitles a person to
dividend on profits, is called Share.

9-Service Area Approach is associated with Rural finance

10- Interest on Government securities on fixed basis is known as Coupon

11- In the first round 14 major banks with a liability base of 50 crore or more were nationalized

12-SLR is maintained as a percentage of Net demand and time Liabilities

13- The banking company has restriction to sanction loan to Directors of the bank

14-Issuing credit cards is a component of  Retail banking

15-The base rate is set by Individual banks

16- State Bank of India’s new floating rate of deposit is directly linked to Base Rate

17- An increase in CRR by RBI leads to  Decrease in lendable resources

18- What is meant by development Oriented Banking ?

Ans- Taking up the task of development of the economy by providing support to under privileged
sections of the society

19-RBI is known as lender of last resort because it comes to help banks in times of crisis

20-The term ‘BSR’ refers to  Basic Statistical Returns

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