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1-The highest mountain peak in the America is  Mt Aconcagua

2-‘Upper Volta’ is the earlier name of Burkna Faso

3-Panna , Madhya Pradesh – diamond mining done in India

4-The long-tailed macaque monkey is found in Silent Valley, Kerala

5-Ecuador derives its name from the prime latitude that passes through it

6- Bushmen tribes live near the borders of the Kalahari Desert, in S.W. Africa

7-The Masai tribe of Tanzania is mainly Pastoralists

8- The most populous country in the world is China

9-The most sparsely populated continent in the world is Antractica

10-Caribou a member of the deer family is found in Tundra of North America

11- Africa extends almost equal distances north and south of the  Equator

12-In Brazil the extensive areas of coffee plantations are called as Fazendas

13-Temperature coniferous forest covers the highest percentage of theforest area in  the world

14-Israel has common borders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt

15-The length of the longest national highway of India is about 2370 km

16-The head quarters of the newly created south-western railways is hubli

17-Jet Airways airlines has started exclusive services for the north-eastern states

18-The source of the Tapti river is in     mahadev hills

19-Indians latest nuclear power station has been established at Kaiga, Karnataka

20-The vehicles used for launching the country’s first exclusive meterological satellite(METSAT) is PSLUL 4

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