Chemistry One-Liners for various competitive examinations

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Chemistry One-Liners for various competitive examinations

Thank You for landing the Chemistry section page.

 Here are some important Chemistry one-liners for students competing for various exams

 Watch some of the important Chemistry Bits below.

1- When TEL (Tera Ethyl Lead) is added to petrol-

A-It increases the B.P of petrol

B. Increases the anti-knocking rating

C. Decreases the B.P of petrol

D. Decreased the anti-knocking rating

2-Heavy metal pollution of water is caused by-

A. Paints

B. Acid Plants

C. Wood Burning

D. Domestic Sewage

3-Due to rusting the weight of iron

A. uncertain

B- decreases

C- increases

D- remains the same

4-The oil used in the froth flotation process is

A. Pine Oil

B. Olive oil

C. Kerosene

D. Coconut oil

5-Which of the following is the main ingredient of cement?

A. Limestone

B. Gypsum

C. Silica Clay

D. Ash

6-Mass number of a nucleus is

A. always more than the atomic weight

B. the sum of the number of neutrons and protons

C. always less than its atomic number

D. None of these

7- When water is added to anhydrous white copper sulfate, the color will change to

A. Yello

B. Blue

C. Green

D. Red

8-The macro-nutrient provided by inorganic fertilization is

A. N, P, K

B. C, N, P

C. C, Fe, B

D. Mg, Zn, Fe

9-Which of the following gases is present under the pressure in soft drinks?

(a) Carbon dioxide

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Oxygen

(d) Nitrous oxide

10-Cement is made hard with

(a) hydration and dissociation of water

(b) dehydration

(c) Dissociation of water

(d) Polymerisation

11-Which one of the following metals pollutes the air of a city having a large number of automobiles?

(a) Lead

(b) Chromium


(d) Copper

12-Beryllium Sulphate is less soluble in water due to?


(a)ionic band

(b) Low Energy of dissociation

(c) Low inflammable energy

(d) High inflammable energy

13-The element which is commonly used in nuclear for producing electricity by nuclear fission is-

(a) Uranium

(b) Plutonium

(c) Radium

(d) Deuterium

14-Which of the following is used as a lubricant in heavy machines?

(a) Bauxite

(b) Sulphur

(c) Graphite

(d) Phosphorus

15-Milk is a colloidal system in which:

(a) Water is dispersed in fat

(b) Fat is dissolved

(c) Fat and water are dispersed in each other

(d) Fat is dispersed in water

16-Who developed atom bomb?

(a) J. Robert Open Heimer

(b) Warner Wan Brown

(c) Edward Taylor

(d) Samuel Koehen

17-The enzyme that converts glucose to ethyl alcohol is-

(a) Invertase

(b) Zymase

(c) Maltase

(d) Diastase

18-The major harmful gas emitted by automobile vehicle which causes air pollution is

(a) Carbon dioxide

(b) Methane

(c) Carbon Monoxide

(d) Ozone gas


1- b; 2- a; 3- c; 4- a; 5- b; 6- b; 7- b; 8- a; 9- a; 10- a; 11- a; 12- d; 13- a; 14- c; 15- d; 16- a; 17- b; 18- a

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