Chemistry One-Liners for various competitive examinations

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Chemistry One-Liners for various competitive examinations

Thank You for landing the Chemistry section page.

 Here are some important Chemistry one-liners for students competing for various exams

 Watch some of the important Chemistry Bits below.

1-Carbonated beverages such as soft drinks and soda water contain mainly what?

2-Which gas is used to artificially ripen the fruits?

3-The light emitted by Firefly is due to-

4-Which substance/chemical is used in the preparation of the antiseptic solution?

5-Which agent is added to domestic LPG cylinder to help in the detection of gas leakage?

6-Diamond is an allotropic form of –

7-The most abundant metal in the earth’s crust is-

8-The pungent smell of garlic is due to-

9-Which gas was leaked in Bhopal Gas Tragedy?-

10-Who is regarded as father of modern chemistry?

11-The green color seen in fireworks display is due to the chloride salt of-

12-The element common to all acid is-

13-An alloy used in making heating elements for electric heating devices is-

14-Gobar gas contains mainly-

15-Which compound was responsible for the epidemic form of disease called Minamata Disease?

16-The most important ore of aluminium is-

17-Which gas is filled in Air conditioners?

18-Which acid is present in lemon?

19-The term PVC used in the plastic industry stands for-

20-Oil of vitriol is

21-Bleaching action of chlorine is by

22-A mixture of potassium nitrate powdered charcoal and sulphur is called


1-Carbon Dioxide


3-Burning of phosphorus






8- Sulphur Compound

9- Methyl Isocyanate

10- Lavoisier

11- Barium

12- Hydrogen

13- Nichrome

14- Methane

15-A mercury compound

16- Bauxite

17- Freon

18-Citric acid

19-Polyvinyl chloride

20-Sulphuric acid


22-Gun Powder

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