Chemistry One-Liners for various competitive examinations-June 17th

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Chemistry One-Liners for various competitive examinations-June 17

Thank You for landing the Chemistry section page.

 Here are some important Chemistry one-liners for students competing for various exams

 Watch some of the important Chemistry Bits below.

1- The reaction in which two compounds exchange their ions to form two new compounds is called

(a) redox reaction

(b) double displacement reaction

(c) combination reaction.

(d) displacement reaction.

2- Due to this process Fatty foods become rancid

(a) reduction.

(b) hydrogenation

(c) oxidation.

(d) corrosion.

3- The ash formed after a magnesium ribbon is burnt in the air is

(a) pink

(b) yellow.

(c) white.

(d) black.

4- The electrolytic decomposition of water gives H2 and O2 in the ratio of

(a) 1 : 2 by volume.

(b) 1 : 2 by mass

(c) 2 : 1 by volume.

(d) 8: 1 by mass.

5- When carbon dioxide is passed through lime water, these changes take place-

(a) colour of lime water disappears.

(b) lime water turns milky.

(c) white precipitate of CaO is formed.

(d) calcium hydroxide is formed.

6- By which method, Rancidity can be prevented

(a) keeping food in the refrigerator.

(b) storing food away from light.

(c) adding antioxidants.

(d) all of these.

7- Generally people store silver chloride in a dark coloured bottle because it is-

(a) undergoes redox reaction.

(b) to avoid action by sunlight.

(c) a white solid.

(d) none of the above

8- Heat energy will be evolved in which of the following?

(a) Dissolution of NH4Cl in water.

(b) Electrolysis of water.

(c) Decomposition of AgBr in the presence of sunlight.

(d) Burning of L.P.G.

9- What you will observe after immersing an iron nail in CuSO4 solution for a few minutes-

(a) the surface of iron nails acquires a black coating.

(b) the colour of solution changes to green

(c) no reaction takes place.

(d) the colour of the solution fades away.

10- CO2 and H2 gases exhibit this feature-

(a) colourless.

(b) heavier than air.

(c) soluble in water

(d) acidic in nature.

11- The chemical formula of lead sulphate is

(a) PbSO4.

(b) Pb2(SO4)3

(c) Pb2SO4.

(d) Pb(SO4)2.

12- The reaction of H2 gas with oxygen gas to form water is an example of

(a) exothermic reaction.

(b) combination reaction

(c) redox reaction.

(d) all of these reactions

13- Rust is chemically a

(a) hydrated ferric oxide.

(b) only ferric oxide.

(c) hydrated ferrous oxide.

(d) hydrated iron-oxide.

14- Due to the formation of what Silver article turns black when kept in the open for a few days-

(a) AgSO4.

(b) Ag2S

(c) H2S.

(d) AgS.

15- In which among the following, Rusting of iron takes place?

(a) both ordinary and distilled water

(b) ordinary water

(c) distilled water

(d) none of the above


1- Double displacement reaction.

2- oxidation.

3- white.

4- 2 : 1 by volume.

5-lime water turns milky.

6- all of these.

7- to avoid action by sunlight.

8- Burning of L.P.G.

9- the colour of solution changes to green

10- colourless.

11- PbSO4.

12-combination reaction

13-hydrated ferric oxide.

14- Ag2S

15- both ordinary and distilled water

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