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Current Affairs International 2024

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One-Liner Questions

  1. Who mentioned the impact of US sanctions on Venezuela’s GDP?
  2. How much did Venezuela’s oil industry lose due to US sanctions?
  3. How much in Venezuelan assets are frozen in international banks?
  4. In which city was the seminar where the Venezuelan Vice President spoke held?
  5. What was the cause of death for five people, including three children, in the US?
  6. What do more Australians prefer for their country’s global role, according to a poll?
  7. Which act is hailed as a “big win for human rights” by Hindu organisations?
  8. Who stressed the urgency of protecting women’s rights at the CSW opening?
  9. What initiative aims to coordinate international aid for Gaza?
  10. Which country started an inspection of its armed forces due to NATO exercises?
  11. How many Palestinians were released by Israel during a recent operation in Gaza?
  12. What did the UKMTO issue a warning about?
  13. Which Israeli political figure was confirmed killed by Israel in Lebanon?
  14. What did UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres call for during Ramadan?
  15. Which naval force rescued a boat carrying Syrian nationals off Lebanon?
  16. How many airstrikes were conducted by the US and Britain in Yemen’s Hodeidah?
  17. What did India criticize about the Security Council’s sanctions committee?
  18. What was Antonio Guterres’ appeal at the beginning of Ramadan?
  19. What restriction did the UK impose on overseas care workers?
  20. How many countries celebrate Commonwealth Day?
  21. What was the theme for this year’s Commonwealth Day?
  22. How many Starlink satellites did SpaceX launch?
  23. Who embarked on a state visit to Mauritius?
  24. What increased the IDF’s activities in the Khan Younis region?
  25. How many members of al-Fajr Forces were affected by an Israeli airstrike?
  26. Who is the new President of Hungary?
  27. How many IS suspects were detained by Turkish police in Sakarya?
  28. How many IS militants were killed by Iraqi security forces in a desert operation?
  29. Who took oath as the 14th President of Pakistan?
  30. How many votes did Asif Ali Zardari win in the presidential election?


  1. Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.
  2. Nearly $232 billion.
  3. More than $22 billion.
  4. Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
  5. A school bus collision with a semi-truck.
  6. Becoming an independent middle power.
  7. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).
  8. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
  9. The “Food for Gaza” initiative.
  10. Belarus.
  11. 56 Palestinians.
  12. An explosion near a commercial ship off Yemen’s coast.
  13. Saleh al-Arouri, deputy chairman of Hamas.
  14. Ceasefires in Gaza and Sudan.
  15. The Lebanese Naval Force.
  16. At least three airstrikes.
  17. Its “subterranean” working and a “disguised veto”.
  18. A ceasefire in Gaza and the release of hostages.
  19. Restricting them from bringing dependants.
  20. 56 countries.
  21. ‘One Resilient Common Future: Transforming our Common Wealth’.
  22. 46 Starlink satellites.
  23. President Droupadi Murmu.
  24. Raids and searches in the Khan Younis region.
  25. Three killed and one wounded.
  26. Tamas Sulyok.
  27. 33 suspected members.
  28. Four IS militants.
  29. Asif Ali Zardari.
  30. 411 votes.

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Additional One-Liner Questions

  1. What impact do UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres highlight about wars on women?
  2. What long-term focus does the “Food for Gaza” initiative aim for after increasing aid?
  3. What significant military activity is happening near Belarus’ borders?
  4. Through which crossing were the Palestinians released by Israel?
  5. What did the UKMTO report specify about the location of the explosion near Yemen?
  6. What has Israel’s action against Saleh al-Arouri prompted from Lebanon and regional countries?
  7. What critical period does UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres refer to for initiating ceasefires?
  8. From which city were Syrian nationals attempting to escape by sea?
  9. What specific target area did US and Britain airstrikes hit in Yemen?
  10. What secretive process did India accuse the Security Council’s sanctions committee of employing?
  11. What does UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appeal for in terms of humanitarian aid?
  12. On what basis are overseas care workers in the UK now restricted?
  13. What significant event does the celebration of Commonwealth Day correspond with?
  14. What does the theme for Commonwealth Day focus on?
  15. From where were the SpaceX Starlink satellites launched?
  16. For what occasion is President Droupadi Murmu visiting Mauritius?
  17. What intelligence led to increased IDF activity in the Southern Gaza strip?
  18. What organization do the killed members in southern Lebanon belong to?
  19. What was the context of the inauguration ceremony of Hungary’s new President?
  20. What were the IS suspects in Turkey allegedly preparing for?

Additional Answers

  1. The disproportionate impact of wars on women.
  2. The human and social reconstruction of Gaza.
  3. NATO’s exercises.
  4. The Kerem Shalom crossing.
  5. Nearly 71 nautical miles southwest of the port city of Saleef.
  6. Wide criticism.
  7. The holy month of Ramadan.
  8. Tripoli, Lebanon’s northern city.
  9. The Ras Issa area of al-Salif district, northwest of Hodeidah.
  10. Allowing a system of “disguised veto.”
  11. Silencing the guns and ensuring the delivery of lifesaving aid.
  12. By preventing them from bringing dependants.
  13. The second Monday in March.
  14. Transforming our Common Wealth.
  15. Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.
  16. The National Day celebrations.
  17. Reports that senior Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar was in the area.
  18. Al-Fajr Forces, the military wing of the Islamic Group.
  19. In front of the Sandor Palace, the Hungarian President’s residence.
  20. Preparation and searching for action before the upcoming local elections.
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