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World Current Affairs- Nov 25, 2023

One-Liner Questions

  1. Which Indian student is in a medically-induced coma after an alleged assault in Australia?
  2. Where was the Indian student attacked?
  3. How many family members died in a house fire in the Philippines’ Quezon province?
  4. Who was trapped in the house during the fire in Candelaria town?
  5. How many Thais are still held by Hamas?
  6. Who has withdrawn from Taiwan’s 2024 presidential election?
  7. Who is the cryptocurrency entrepreneur approved for extradition in Montenegro?
  8. What is the current uptake percentage of the updated Covid-19 vaccine in the US?
  9. How large was the aid convoy that arrived in Gaza recently?
  10. What is the status of Germany’s economy as of Q3 2023?
  11. What recent development occurred at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza?
  12. What did the first temporary humanitarian truce between Hamas and Israel include?
  13. How does the UK’s new immigration plan affect foreign health and care workers?
  14. What did researchers at the University of Queensland find about Covid-19 and brain ageing?
  15. What are international students in Canada requesting regarding work rules?
  16. What incident occurred in central Tokyo involving an elderly driver?
  17. Which country has formally requested to join the BRICS bloc?
  18. What decision did the Central Bank of Sri Lanka make recently?
  19. What weather changes are occurring in central and eastern China?
  20. What did Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal discuss with the European Commission?


  1. An Indian student pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Tasmania.
  2. The attack took place in Tasmania, at a precinct.
  3. Six members, including a 69-year-old woman and her five grandchildren.
  4. A 69-year-old woman and her five grandchildren.
  5. Twenty Thai citizens.
  6. Terry Gou, founder of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co (Foxconn).
  7. Do Kwon, behind the TerraUSD and Luna currencies.
  8. Only 14% of American adults.
  9. The convoy had 137 truckloads of aid and 129,000 litres of fuel.
  10. It is on the brink of recession, with a 0.1% decline in GDP in Q3.
  11. The Israeli army withdrew after raiding it for over a week.
  12. A humanitarian truce that includes daily deliveries of diesel and gas from Egypt.
  13. They will be allowed to bring only one relative.
  14. Four drugs that can reverse a cellular process triggered by Covid-19.
  15. A permanent lift of the 20-hour-per-week work rule.
  16. A car driven by an 80-year-old man rammed into pedestrians.
  17. Pakistan.
  18. Reduction of the Standing Deposit and Lending Facility Rates by 100 basis points.
  19. A drop in temperatures by 6 to 17 degrees Celsius.
  20. The blockade of the Ukrainian border with some EU countries.

World Current Affairs- November 6, 2023


  1. From which region did the two Sri Lankan families arrive in Sri Lanka?
  2. How did the Sri Lankans stranded in Gaza Strip reach Sri Lanka?
  3. Where did the Israel Defense Forces find Hamas rocket launchers?
  4. What did the IDF share about their operations against Hamas?
  5. How many Israeli soldiers were killed and injured in Gaza?
  6. Who was the Israeli soldier killed in Gaza and where was he from?
  7. What action did families of hostages and missing persons take in Tel Aviv?
  8. What is the vaccination rate against lumpy skin disease in South Korean cattle?
  9. What is the decrease in opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan since April 2022?
  10. What is the current support rate for the Japanese cabinet?
  11. Who is ready to accept refugees from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in Russia?
  12. What has the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry claimed about child casualties?
  13. When did North Korea designate “missile industry day”?
  14. Who are the former prime ministers that arrived in Israel and what was their agenda?
  15. What decision did the Nepali government make following a strong earthquake?
  16. Which country has India accused of tainting the investigation into the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar?


  1. The families arrived from the Gaza Strip.
  2. They came through Egypt, crossing the Rafah border.
  3. IDF found Hamas rocket launchers near a swimming pool and a playground.
  4. IDF shared footage of locating rocket-launching positions.
  5. One soldier was killed and two were injured.
  6. The soldier was Srgnt Yehonatan Maimon from Okfam, Israel.
  7. They blocked a road in Tel Aviv and gathered in front of the Kiriya military base.
  8. More than 84% of cattle have been vaccinated.
  9. It dropped by 95% since the drug ban.
  10. The support rate dropped to 28.3%.
  11. The Jewish Autonomous Region in Russia.
  12. They alleged one child is killed every 10 minutes during Israel’s aggression.
  13. North Korea designated it to mark the test-firing of the Hwasong-17 ICBM in 2022.
  14. Former British PM Boris Johnson and ex-Australian PM Scott Morrison.
  15. The government decided to distribute food and other relief materials and provide free treatment.
  16. India has accused Canada.

World Current Affairs- Feb 12, 2023

World Current Affairs play an important role for the various competitive examinations. Candidates preparing for the examinations, must develop their knowledge on ‘World Current Affairs.’

  1. Former Judge and Anti-Corruption Commissioner Md. Shahabuddin Chuppu has been nominated by the ruling Awami League, which has an overwhelming majority in Parliament, to become Bangladesh’s 22nd President.

2-In accordance with Article 25 (1) (a) of the party’s constitution, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who also serves as the leader of the Bangladesh Awami League, has proposed Shahabuddin Chuppu for the position of chairman of the party’s publicity and publication subcommittee.

3-According to local media, the cost of chicken and chicken meat has significantly increased in Karachi and other cities across Pakistan.

  • According to Samaa TV, the cost of chicken in Karachi is currently Rs 490 per kg, while the cost of chicken meat has risen to Rs 720 per kg.
  • According to Samaa TV, this price increase is the result of several chicken companies closing owing to a feed scarcity.

World Current Affairs

4-According to “Variety,” a UK parliamentary probe determined that BBC chair Richard Sharp committed “serious mistakes of judgement” when he failed to disclose his involvement in the facilitation of a loan to the then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2020.

Boris Johnson

5-The Belt and Road Initiative is a significant infrastructure initiative spearheaded by China with the goal of encircling the world.

  • According to a Council on Foreign Relations report, some observers view the project as a troubling extension of Chinese authority, and the United States has found it difficult to present a countervailing viewpoint.

6-According to media reports, more than 5,000 pregnant Russian women have entered Argentina recently.
* According to the BBC, the women reportedly want to ensure that their children are born in Argentina in order to get Argentine citizenship.

World Current Affairs

7-More than 28,000 people have perished as a result of the terrible earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria on February 6.

  • After two unnamed parties clashed on Saturday, the rescue operations were able to resume after Turkish troops intervened to provide protection, according to BBC.

8-Ahead of Ramadan, the price of loose black tea in Pakistan increased to Rs 1,600 per kg from Rs 1,100 in the previous 15 days due to the 250 or so containers that arrived from late December 2022 to early January still being detained at the port, according to local media.

9-After losing an immigration appeal in the UK, an Indian who received a commendation from Queen Elizabeth II for providing free meals to 50 families during the Covid-19 outbreak risks deportation to India.

  • Vimal Pandya, 42, arrived from India in 2011 on a study visa, but the UK Home Office took away his college’s ability to sponsor international students three years later, according to the Daily Mail.
  • Pandya, who now resides in Rotherhithe, south London, has been battling to stay in the country for the past nine years.

World Current Affairs

10-As tropical storm Gabrielle approaches New Zealand from the far north and is predicted to swoop through the majority of the North Island starting on Sunday, there are ten to twenty severe weather warnings and watches in effect.

  • On that day, MetService, the nation’s national meteorological service, issued a warning that the worst weather is still to come, upgrading Auckland and many other locations in the area to red alert, according to Xinhua News Agency.

11-WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus paid a visit to the earthquake-stricken city of Aleppo in northern Syria, giving reason for optimism that more humanitarian help will arrive in Syria soon.

  • On Saturday, as Ghebreyesus arrived in Aleppo and visited some hospitalised people, shelters where displaced people are residing, and devastated areas, the WHO sent 35 tonnes of humanitarian supplies to the city.
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

12-The first shipment of 33,000 tonnes of wheat, paid for by a $150 million loan from the World Bank, has begun to arrive in Lebanon.

  • According to a statement released by the World Bank on Saturday, the consignment, which is now being unloaded at the Beirut port, is enough to supply the nation with Arabic bread for nearly one month.

World Current Affairs

13-The French Interior Ministry reported an increase in protests against the proposed pension change from five days prior, when 757,000 individuals were reported to have participated nationwide.

  • Regarding the CGT, the largest union in France, more than 2.5 million people participated in the general mobilisation on Saturday, up from almost 2 million on Tuesday.

14-The state-run Anadolu News Agency stated that a border gate between Turkey and Armenia has been opened for the first time in 30 years to allow the passage of humanitarian aid for victims of the deadly earthquakes that have struck southern Turkey.

15- The wildlife department of Sri Lanka reported that a pod of 14 pilot whales had become stranded on Kalpitiya beach in the country’s northwest.

  • Three of the stranded whales had passed away, according to the Wildlife department, which added that the whales were returned to the water after being rescued by Sri Lanka’s Navy, Police, and Wildlife department.

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