Current Affairs of Cricket Quiz

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Current Affairs of Cricket Quiz With Answers

One-liner Questions:

  1. Who was targeted by trolls for his fitness after a poor outing in England?
  2. What relation is Azam Khan to former Pakistan captain Moin Khan?
  3. Which former Pakistan skipper supported Azam Khan against the trolls?
  4. What was Azam Khan’s highest score in his T20I career?
  5. How many matches has Azam Khan played in his T20 career?
  6. How many runs has Azam Khan scored in his T20 career?
  7. What significant milestone did Azam Khan achieve in his T20 career?
  8. Who might Pakistan opt for as the designated keeper in the T20 World Cup 2024 opener against the USA?
  9. Where did Australia face Oman in the T20 World Cup 2024?
  10. How many runs did Travis Head score against Oman?
  11. Who caught Mitchell Marsh out in the match against Oman?
  12. Who bowled out Glenn Maxwell for a duck?
  13. What was David Warner’s approach after early wickets fell against Oman?
  14. What did Marcus Stoinis score from 15 balls at one stage?
  15. How many sixes did Marcus Stoinis hit in one over against Oman?
  16. What was Australia’s total score from 20 overs against Oman?
  17. Who dismissed the Oman opener in the first over of their run-chase?
  18. Which Australian bowler claimed two wickets in the match against Oman?
  19. How many wickets did Marcus Stoinis take in the match against Oman?
  20. How many runs did Oman manage to score against Australia?
  21. What was Marcus Stoinis’ score with the bat against Oman?
  22. Who mowed down Oman’s middle-order with key wickets?
  23. How many wickets did Australian fast bowlers claim in total against Oman?
  24. What was the result of the match between Australia and Oman?
  25. What partnership milestone did David Warner and Marcus Stoinis achieve?
  26. How did David Warner celebrate his half-century against Oman?
  27. How many career T20I half-centuries has David Warner achieved?
  28. Who accounted for Shoaib Khan’s catch of Mitchell Marsh?
  29. Who caught Travis Head out in the match against Oman?
  30. Who is the coach considering for the wicket-keeper position in the T20 World Cup 2024?


  1. Azam Khan.
  2. Son.
  3. Rashid Latif.
  4. 30*.
  5. 165 matches.
  6. 3,242 runs.
  7. One hundred and sixteen fifties.
  8. Azam Khan or Mohammed Rizwan.
  9. Kensington Oval, Barbados.
  10. 12 runs.
  11. Shoaib Khan.
  12. Mehran Khan.
  13. Cautious.
  14. 11*.
  15. Four sixes.
  16. 164-5.
  17. Mitchell Starc.
  18. Mitchell Starc and Nathan Ellis.
  19. Two wickets.
  20. 125 runs.
  21. 67*.
  22. Adam Zampa.
  23. Five wickets.
  24. Australia won by 39 runs.
  25. A 100-plus run partnership.
  26. With a six.
  27. 27 half-centuries.
  28. Shoaib Khan.
  29. Khalid Kail.
  30. Babar Azam and coach Gary Kirsten are considering Azam Khan.

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Current Affairs of Cricket Quiz
  1. Who is the son of former Pakistan captain Moin Khan mentioned in the article?
  2. What technical skill is Rashid Latif known for?
  3. Who might replace Azam Khan if he is not selected as the designated keeper?
  4. How many T20I matches has Azam Khan played?
  5. What is the highest T20 score recorded by Azam Khan?
  6. Against which team did Australia compete at the Kensington Oval?
  7. What was the key strategy of Australian batsmen against Oman’s bowling?
  8. How many total wickets did Marcus Stoinis take against Oman?
  9. Who took the early wickets for Australia against Oman?
  10. Which Australian spinner took key middle-order wickets against Oman?
  11. How many total sixes did Marcus Stoinis hit during his innings against Oman?
  12. What role did Nathan Ellis play in the Australian victory over Oman?
  13. What was the final score of Oman in their match against Australia?
  14. How did David Warner contribute to Australia’s score against Oman?
  15. Who led the Australian team in the match described in the article?

Additional Answers:

  1. Azam Khan.
  2. Being one of the most technically sound keepers.
  3. Mohammed Rizwan.
  4. 13 matches.
  5. 30*.
  6. Oman.
  7. Cautious build-up and aggressive hitting in later overs.
  8. Two wickets.
  9. Mitchell Starc and Nathan Ellis.
  10. Adam Zampa.
  11. Four sixes in one over.
  12. Bowler and middle-order batsman.
  13. 125-9.
  14. Scored a half-century and formed a crucial partnership.
  15. Mitchell Marsh.

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