Quiz On Sports

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Quiz On Sports
Quiz On Sports

Quiz On Sports is very much conducted in many schools, colleges and various other competitive events.

Quiz On Sports decides the intelligence level of a student or any person taking up the questions in various levels.

Quiz On Sports

1- Ryder cup is related to which sports?

2- Ezra Cup is related to which sports?

3- Sandy storm is the autobiography of which veteran cricketer?

4- WISPA relates to which sports?

5- The terms Volley, Smash, Service relates to which sports?

6- In Kho-Kho, the players occupying the squares known as what?

7-Durand Cup is associated with which game?

8-Tubby, Stodg, and Helium Bat are the nicknames of which former Australian captain?

9- Name the 1st non-Test-playing country which defeated India in an international match?

10- How many gold medals were won by Track and field star Carl Lewis at the 1984 Olympic games?

Quiz On Sports

11- Who is the first batsman to hit six sixes in an over in Cricket?

12- Merdeka Cup is associated with which game?

13- Name the first woman from India to win an Asian Games gold in 400m run.

14- Name the most prominent football team of India, based in the Dempo Sports Club.

15- Name the two counties that Kapil Dev played for them.

16- Ravi Shastri once hit which spinner for six sixes in an over in a First-Class match?

17- Name the Ist Indian who won the World Amateur Billiards title.

18-Amateur Athletics Federation of India established in which year?

19- Ricky Ponting is popularly known as what?

20- Name the NBA player, who scored 8 points in the final 7 seconds of a game to lead his team to victory?

Quiz On Sports

21- How many numbers of times Geet Sethi won the lBSF World Billiards title?

22- Which new rule was introduced in the match between India and Pakistan at Jaipur on 02-10-1983?

23- Name the two counties for which Anil Kumble played?

24-Subash Agrawal, Ashok Shandilya, and Manoj Kothari are associated with which sports?

25-Mark Waugh is commonly known as what?

26-Milkha Singh won the first National title in which event and in which year?

27- What is the nickname of Glenn McGrath?

28- Name the player who scored the most runs in a single Test inning.

29- Who was the winner of the 1993 ‘King of the Ring’?

30- India won its first Olympic hockey gold in which year?

Quiz On Sports


1- Golf

2- Polo

3- Sandeep Patil.

4- Squash.

5- Lawn Tennis.

6- Chasers.

7- Football.

8- Mark Taylor

9- Sri Lanka.

  • Sri Lanka beat India in the 1979 World Cup. It got playing Test status in 1981.

10- Nine gold medals in all: four in 1984 (100m, 200m, 4x100m, long jump), two in 1988 (100m and long jump), two in 1992 (4x100m and long jump), and one in 1996 (long jump).

11-Garfield Sobers.


13- Kamaljit Sandhu

14- Panjim.

15- Northamptonshire & Worcestershire

16- Tilak Raj

17- Wilson Jones

18- 1946 at the initiative of Maharaja Yadvindra Singh, the then President of the Indian Olympic Association with Prof. G.D. Sondhi as its first President.

19- Punter.

20- Reggie Miller.

21- Three times.

22- No-balls & wides debited to bowlers analysis

23- Northamptonshire & Leicestershire.

24- Billiards.

25- Junior

26- 400-meter race in 1957.

27- Pigeon.

28- Brian Lara

29- Bret Hart.

30- 1928.

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