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Business Quiz Questions-Sept 15, 2023


  1. On which day did Vodafone Idea hit a new 52-week high?
  2. What was the closing price of Vodafone Idea on the BSE?
  3. Why is Punjab’s Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann against the restrictions on basmati export?
  4. What minimum export price for basmati has the Union government set?
  5. On what occasion did Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal address the technocrats?
  6. What did CEO Campbell Wilson discuss on the first anniversary of Air India’s Vihaan?
  7. How much growth did the Indian technical consumer goods (TCG) market record in the first half of this year?
  8. By what percentage did industrial production in China increase in August compared to a year earlier?
  9. What is the current trading range of gold prices?
  10. What is the current price of Brent crude?
  11. Which Indian IT company was featured in the TIME Magazine’s top 100 ‘World’s Best Companies 2023’ list?
  12. What message did several smartphone users receive from the Central government on Friday?
  13. When did Amazon Web Services (AWS) India’s Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region become operational?
  14. How much did British chip designing giant Arm’s value increase on its first day of trading in the US IPO?
  15. How much money did SpiceJet transfer to Credit Suisse in compliance with the Supreme Court’s directive?


  1. Vodafone Idea hit a new 52-week high on Friday.
  2. The closing price of Vodafone Idea on the BSE was Rs 11.73.
  3. Bhagwant Mann believes that the restrictions on basmati export are against the interests of farmers and traders.
  4. The Union government has set the minimum export price of basmati at Rs 1,200 per ton.
  5. Piyush Goyal addressed the technocrats on Engineers Day.
  6. Campbell Wilson discussed the accomplishments, future objectives, and measures taken to combat pilot fatigue.
  7. The Indian TCG market recorded an 8% growth in value in the first half of this year.
  8. Industrial production in China increased by 4.5% in August from a year earlier.
  9. Gold has been fluctuating in the range of $1,880-$1,960 during the last month.
  10. Brent crude was trading above $94 per barrel.
  11. Infosys was the Indian IT company featured in the TIME Magazine’s list and ranked at the 64th spot.
  12. Smartphone users received an “emergency alert: severe” message from the Central government.
  13. AWS India’s Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region became operational in November 2022.
  14. Arm’s value jumped about 25% on its first day of trading in the US IPO.
  15. SpiceJet transferred $1.5 million to Credit Suisse.

Business Quiz Questions-Dec 21, 2022

  1. Who has withdrawn from the bidding process, dealing a serious blow to Reliance Capital Ltd.’s (RCAP) resolution process?

2- According to reports in the media on Tuesday, who intends to start producing MacBooks in Vietnam by the middle of 2023 as it continues to diversify its production base away from China to other nations, including India?

3 – Who claimed that the business was acknowledged and given the “Asia’s Most Trusted Companies” Award by the International Brand Consulting (IBC) Corporation, US, for being the “Best Technology Solution Provider of Asia”?

Business Quiz Questions

4-How many regular employees and how many contractual workers did different Central Public Sector Enterprises have as of March 31, 2014?

5- Who, according to the source, “continues to diversify its production base away from China amid increasing tech tensions between Washington and Beijing,” and who aims to relocate some MacBook manufacture to Vietnam for the first time next year.

6-How many regular employees and how many contract workers did the various Central Public Sector Enterprises have as of March 31, 2022?

Business Quiz Questions

7- Who said that the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) aims to facilitate expedited infrastructure building and bring efficiency in infrastructure operation and maintenance for a multiplier impact on the economy?

8-Who claimed to have paid an unknown sum for a strategic investment in Lemnisk (Immensitas Private Limited) as part of its “Start Up Accelerator Program” with the goal of creating the largest customer data platform (CDP) in the world?

Business Quiz Questions

9- To meet the nation’s climate ambitions, the government must continue to expand on the more than doubling of its subsidies for renewable energy and electric vehicles over the past fiscal year.

10, According to Union Steel Minister Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, “Which state government has not been able to establish a climate of security for the possible owners of the Salem Steel Plant (SSP) to undertake the due diligence?”

Business Quiz Questions


1- A consortium of Cosmea Financial and Piramal Group, which was the highest bidder for RCAP assets,

2- Apple

3-63 moons technologies ltd, domestic fintech leader and creator of next-gen digital marketplaces

4- 13.51 lakh regular employees; 3.08 lakh contractual workers

5- Apple

6-9.22 lakh regular employees and 4.99 lakh contractual workers

7-In a written reply, Minister of State, Finance, Bhagwat Karad said

8-Bharti Airtel

9-In FY 2022,

10-The Tamil Nadu government.

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