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Business Quiz Questions- April 2, 2024

One-Liner Questions:

  1. How many cumulative electric vehicle (EV) registrations did South Korea surpass last year?
  2. What was the total number of registered EVs in South Korea by the end of 2023?
  3. Since when has South Korea officially recorded EV registrations?
  4. What was the percentage increase in EV registrations in South Korea from 2022 to 2023?
  5. How many EV chargers were installed in South Korea by last year?
  6. Which South Korean company is a leading battery maker?
  7. With which company did LG Energy Solution Ltd start a joint venture?
  8. What product began production at LGES and GM’s second battery plant in the US?
  9. When did Ultium Cells LLC’s first U.S. plant begin operations?
  10. What reasons did Vistara Airlines cite for recent flight cancellations and delays?
  11. How much worth of government bonds did the Finance Ministry announce for sale?
  12. What business demerger is Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd evaluating?
  13. What economic goal did Prime Minister Narendra Modi outline for India over the next 10 years?
  14. What percentage of Rs 2000 banknotes in circulation have been returned, according to the RBI?
  15. What was SAIL’s percentage increase in saleable steel output for the financial year ended March 31, 2024?
  16. What was BEL’s turnover during the Financial Year 2023-24?
  17. What was the gross GST revenue for March 2024?
  18. How many railway coaches did the Integral Coach Factory roll out in FY24?
  19. What was the Nifty’s point increase at the close on Monday?
  20. Who led a seed funding round in
  21. Which sector was the top gainer on Monday, according to the BSE Real Estate Index?
  22. What was Ola Electric’s year-on-year growth in FY24?
  23. What directive did the RBI give to banks regarding financing Self Help Groups?
  24. What are the expectations for IT companies’ growth in Q4, according to Emkay Global Financial Services?
  25. What sectors did Prime Minister Narendra Modi mention as new openings in the economy?
  26. To what new lifetime high did gold prices rise on Monday?
  27. What did Pocket FM announce regarding its ESOP buyback?
  28. What unique features do boAt’s new headphones have?
  29. What cargo volume did Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd handle in FY24?
  30. What did Sridhar Vembu say about investing in India?
  31. How much did Tin Men Capital invest in Ailytics?
  32. Were most South Korean users satisfied with Chinese e-commerce platforms?
  33. What did the Finance Ministry clarify regarding the income tax regime?
  34. What is the project cost for all phases of the Barsana Biogas plant?


  1. 500,000.
  2. 543,900.
  3. 2017
  4. 39.5%.
  5. 305,509 units.
  6. LG Energy Solution Ltd (LGES).
  7. General Motors.
  8. Battery cells for the all-electric Cadillac Lyriq SUV and other GM vehicles.
  9. November 2022.
  10. Crew unavailability and other factors.
  11. Rs 38,000 crore.
  12. The vertical demerger of the Madura Fashion & Lifestyle business.
  13. Becoming a ‘financially Aatmanirbhar’ economy.
  14. 97.69%.
  15. 7%.
  16. Around Rs 19,700 crore.
  17. Rs 1.78 lakh crore.
  18. 2,829 railway coaches.
  19. 135.10 points.
  20. Venture Catalysts.
  21. Real estate.
  22. 115%.
  23. To provide adequate incentives for financing Self Help Groups.
  24. Subpar growth due to muted demand trends.
  25. Green energy, digital technology, defense, MSMEs, space, and tourism industries.
  26. $2,263.53 per ounce.
  27. Its first ESOP buyback worth $8.3 million.
  28. Head-tracking 3D audio and spatial sound features.
  29. 420 MMT (million metric tonne).
  30. The best time to invest in India for young entrepreneurs.
  31. $2.7 million.
  32. Dissatisfied.
  33. No new change is coming in from April 1, 2024.
  34. In excess of Rs 200 crore.

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Additional One-Liner Questions:

  1. What future production plan does Ultium Cells LLC have in the United States?
  2. What growth did the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) achieve in its sales volume during 2023-24?
  3. What record did Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) achieve in terms of turnover in FY 2023-24?
  4. How much did India’s gross GST revenue grow over the previous year?
  5. What new production record did the Integral Coach Factory achieve in FY24?
  6. How did the Indian stock market perform at the start of the new financial year?
  7. What is the partnership of aimed at enhancing?
  8. By how much did the BSE Real Estate Index rise on Monday?
  9. What was Ola Electric’s quarter-on-quarter growth in Q4 FY24?
  10. What was the purpose behind RBI’s directive to banks regarding Self Help Groups?
  11. What economic sectors did Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlight as growth areas?
  12. What was the value of the total gross GST collection for the financial year 2023-24?
  13. What technology does boAt’s new headphones incorporate?
  14. What cargo handling record did APSEZ announce for FY24?
  15. What was the theme of Sridhar Vembu’s message to young entrepreneurs?
  16. What is the focus of Ailytics, the startup that received investment from Tin Men Capital?
  17. What was the overall satisfaction level of South Korean users with Chinese e-commerce platforms?
  18. What did the Finance Ministry say about the income tax regime changes?
  19. What will the Barsana Biogas Plant’s capacity be upon stabilizing phase 1?

Additional Answers:

  1. Start production at a third plant in Michigan next year.
  2. More than 5% growth with the highest-ever sales volume of 17.1 million tonnes.
  3. A growth of 13.65% with a turnover of around Rs 19,700 crore.
  4. 11.5% increase to Rs 1.78 lakh crore in March 2024.
  5. The highest number of DPRS coaches, totaling 1,091.
  6. Strong footing with the Nifty and Sensex both up.
  7. Promoting local language adoption and enhancing accessibility for rural India.
  8. 3.86%.
  9. 42%.
  10. To make the financing procedures simple and easy.
  11. Green energy, digital technology, defense, MSMEs, space, and tourism.
  12. Rs. 20.14 lakh crore.
  13. 3D accelerometers and gyroscopes for spatial audio technology.
  14. Handled record 420 MMT cargo.
  15. The most dynamic large economy in the world, poised for solid growth.
  16. Scenario-based, AI-powered video analytics solutions for operational safety and productivity.
  17. Dissatisfied.
  18. No new change coming in from April 1, 2024.
  19. Process 225 tonnes per day of agriculture waste and cattle dung, generating 10 TPD of CBG.

Business Quiz Questions- March 17, 2024


  1. What is the value of the projects launched in Bundelkhand to transform it into an energy hub?
  2. How many solar energy projects have been initiated in Bundelkhand?
  3. What is the total electricity generation capacity of the solar projects in Bundelkhand?
  4. How much does the Adani Group plan to invest across its portfolio in FY25?
  5. In which sectors will the Adani Group invest $14 billion?
  6. How many startups are participating in Startup Mahakumbh?
  7. How many investors are set to participate in Startup Mahakumbh?
  8. How many deep-tech startups will showcase their innovations at the Nasscom pavilion?
  9. How much has the Ministry of Minority Affairs allocated for educational infrastructure in Karnataka?
  10. How many students will benefit from the new institutes in Karnataka?
  11. Which company won the ‘Climate Action CAP 2.0 Award for 2023’?
  12. What is the focus of the new EV manufacturing policy?
  13. Which body ordered a probe into Google Play Store’s practices?
  14. Why was the “Dolma” trademark cancelled by the Delhi High Court?
  15. By how much did India’s forex reserves increase to hit a two-year high?
  16. What marks the commencement of fuel loading in the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor?
  17. What does the MoU between Nasscom and Business NSW aim to promote?
  18. How much has been approved for the development of a ropeway in Madhya Pradesh?
  19. What is the target of the new scheme to promote India as a manufacturing destination for EVs?
  20. What is Indian Railways’ total revenue for the current financial year so far?
  21. What is the annual increase in domestic air passengers for January to February this year?
  22. How much is allocated for upgrading a road section in Gujarat to a 2-lane highway?
  23. What is the muted demand projection for the FMCG sector in Q4FY24?
  24. What action was directed at Ashneer Grover by the Delhi High Court?
  25. What is the purpose of the 4-lane Gauripur Bypass project in Assam?
  26. What project has LTTS won from the Maharashtra state cyber department?
  27. Who are the partners in the used plastics recycling market in the US?
  28. What did Piyush Goyal discuss at the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework meeting?
  29. What minerals are being auctioned in the third tranche of E-auction?
  30. How many critical and strategic minerals has the Central government launched for auction to date?


  1. More than Rs 10 lakh crore.
  2. 10 solar energy projects.
  3. Over 3,000 megawatts.
  4. About $14 billion (nearly Rs 1.2 lakh crore).
  5. Green energy, airports, cement, commodities, etc.
  6. Over 1,000 startups.
  7. More than 1,000 investors.
  8. More than 34 deep-tech startups.
  9. Rs. 127.23 crore.
  10. 4200 students.
  11. Adani Energy Solutions Limited (AESL).
  12. Domestic value addition and attracting global players.
  13. The Competition Commission of India (CCI).
  14. Due to a plea by Dolma Aunty Momos.
  15. $10.47 billion.
  16. The start of fuel loading.
  17. Accelerated access to each other’s markets for NSW and Indian technology companies.
  18. Rs 188.95 crore.
  19. Attract investments in the e-vehicle space.
  20. Rs 2.4 lakh crore.
  21. 4.74 percent.
  22. Rs 699.19 crore.
  23. 4.5 – 6.5 percent value growth.
  24. To take down his tweets against the company and its officials.
  25. To alleviate congestion in Gauripur town.
  26. A cybersecurity programme worth around $100 million.
  27. Korea Zinc and LG Chem Ltd.
  28. India’s potential for providing global supply chain diversification opportunities.
  29. Glauconite, graphite, nickel, PGE, potash, lithium, and titanium.
  30. 38 critical and strategic minerals.

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Additional Questions

  1. What is the capacity of pilgrims the proposed ropeway in Madhya Pradesh can carry daily?
  2. What is the aim of the new electric vehicles manufacturing policy announced by the Central government?
  3. How much total revenue has India Railways earned during the current financial year?
  4. What percentage increase in domestic air passengers was observed from January to February this year?
  5. How much was allocated for the construction of the 4-lane Gauripur Bypass in Assam?
  6. How long is the segment for 4-laning in Karnataka’s Hassan district?
  7. What are the positions filled by Shailesh Mahale and Kumar Anshu at upGrad?
  8. What are the restrictions for Paytm Payments Bank Limited users following the RBI’s deadline?
  9. What was prohibited by a US judge regarding Byju’s $1.2 billion loan?
  10. What is LTTS establishing in Maharashtra for cybersecurity?
  11. What is the focus of the partnership between Korea Zinc and LG Chem Ltd?
  12. What opportunities did Piyush Goyal highlight at the IPEF meeting?
  13. What sectors use the critical minerals being auctioned?
  14. How many times has the Central government attempted to auction these mineral blocks before?

Additional Answers

  1. 64,000 pilgrims every day.
  2. To attract global players to India and stress domestic value addition.
  3. Rs 2.4 lakh crore so far.
  4. 4.74 percent.
  5. Rs 421.15 crore.
  6. 22.3 km.
  7. Shailesh Mahale as Corporate HR Head and Kumar Anshu as Head of Human Resource for Working Professional, Study Abroad, and Offline segment.
  8. They will not be able to deposit money into their account except for interest, cash-backs, sweep-in from partner banks, or refunds.
  9. Prohibiting further movement or use of $533 million by Byju’s.
  10. An artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-driven cybersecurity and digital threat analytics centre.
  11. Business opportunities in the used plastics recycling market in the US.
  12. India’s potential for providing global supply chain diversification opportunities.
  13. Electronics, electric vehicles, renewable energy, defence, high-tech telecommunications, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and the creation of gigafactories.
  14. This is the second attempt after receiving less than three bids in the first tranche.

Business Quiz Questions- March 4, 2024

One-liner Questions

  1. Which organization announced extensions of oil output cuts into the second quarter?
  2. What is the total volume of additional voluntary cuts announced by OPEC+ for the second quarter of 2024?
  3. Where was the MSME Innovative (Design) Scheme awareness programme held?
  4. What was the main aim of the MSME Innovative (Design) Scheme event at IIT Roorkee?
  5. How many apps delisted by Google Play are yet to be relisted according to IAMAI?
  6. What was the reason behind the delisting of apps from Google Play Store?
  7. By what percentage did Punjab’s GST collection increase by the end of February in this fiscal year?
  8. What is the expected increase in South Korea’s demand for key minerals by 2040?
  9. Which sectors are expected to drive the increase in demand for key minerals in South Korea?
  10. Who commented on the corrections in mid and small caps and the performance of banking stocks?
  11. What financial discipline lesson is suggested for startups from Byju’s situation?
  12. What new feature did Flipkart launch to enhance its digital payment offerings?
  13. How many greenfield bulk drug park projects were virtually inaugurated by the Union Health Minister?
  14. Which government initiatives are credited with empowering the fintech and edtech sectors?
  15. What was the total coal production and dispatch from April 1, 2023, to February 29, 2024?
  16. Who called Google for a meeting regarding the reinstatement of Indian digital companies’ apps?
  17. Which state topped the State Energy Efficiency Index 2023?
  18. What issue did the IAMAI address regarding Google’s delisting of Indian companies’ apps?
  19. How did OpenAI CEO Sam Altman show support for Tesla in May 2019?
  20. What was the amount FPIs invested in equity in February?
  21. Which companies were the top Sensex gainers in a special stock market session?
  22. By what year does India plan to meet its semiconductor demand and start exporting?
  23. How many semiconductor chips does India plan to fabricate annually?
  24. What was Hyundai Motor’s sales increase in the United States last month?
  25. What led the sales gain for Hyundai Motor in the US?


  1. OPEC+ members.
  2. 2.2 million barrels per day (bpd).
  3. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee.
  4. To bridge the gap between industry and academia in fostering design-driven innovation.
  5. More than a dozen.
  6. Refusal to comply with Google’s payment policy.
  7. 15.69%.
  8. 19-fold.
  9. Electric car and wind power industries.
  10. Vinod Nair, Head of Research, Geojit Financial Services.
  11. Ensuring “financial discipline”.
  12. Unified Payments Interface (UPI) handle.
  13. 27
  14. ‘Digital India’ and ‘Startup India’.
  15. 126.80 million tonnes (production) and 128.88 million tonnes (dispatch).
  16. Union IT and Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.
  17. Karnataka.
  18. The removal and request for reinstatement of delisted apps.
  19. Supported Musk and Tesla against opposition.
  20. Rs 1539 crores.
  21. Tata Steel and Tata Motors.
  22. 2029
  23. 300 crore.
  24. 6%.
  25. Eco-friendly models, such as hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Additional One-liner Questions

  1. What percentage increase in excise revenue collection did Punjab register by the end of February in this fiscal year?
  2. Which institute organized an awareness program on the MSME Innovative (Design) Scheme?
  3. What is the total volume of oil output cuts extended by OPEC+ members for Q2 2024?
  4. What kind of apps did Google delist from its Play Store according to the IAMAI?
  5. What is the projected increase in demand for lithium by South Korea by 2040?
  6. What is the main goal of the PLI scheme for bulk drug and medical device manufacturing plants?
  7. Which minister said that India will not only meet its demand for semiconductors but also start exporting them by 2029?
  8. How much did Flipkart’s new UPI handle aim to enhance digital payment offerings?
  9. What was the theme of the first Regional Industry Conclave at Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh?
  10. How much has coal production and dispatch increased compared to the previous year?
  11. What was the response of IAMAI to Google’s app delisting action?
  12. Who expressed concern over the financial discipline of startups, citing Byju’s as an example?
  13. Which state showed marked improvement in the State Energy Efficiency Index 2023 alongside Karnataka?

Additional Answers

  1. 11.71%.
  2. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee.
  3. 2.2 million barrels per day.
  4. Apps by major Indian digital companies, including Matrimony and
  5. 15-fold.
  6. To reduce dependence on imported medicines, APIs, and medical devices, and to become a major exporter.
  7. Union Electronics and IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.
  8. To provide a distinctive customer experience with loyalty features like Supercoins, Cashback, Brand Vouchers, etc.
  9. To witness participation from over 4,000 leading business houses worldwide and showcase multiple events.
  10. An increase of 27.06% in production and 29.14% in dispatch.
  11. Strongly condemned the delisting and called for the reinstatement of the apps.
  12. Simplilearn Co-founder and COO Kashyap Dalal.
  13. Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Business Quiz Questions- February 24, 2024

Business Quiz Questions help people to know the happenings on business and economy all across the world.

One Liner Questions: Business Quiz Questions

  1. How much did “Article 370” earn on its first day according to
  2. Who directed “Article 370”?
  3. How much did “Crakk: Jeetega Toh Jiyegaa!” earn on its first day?
  4. With which government did Kalyani Steel Limited sign an MoU?
  5. In which district of Odisha will the manufacturing complex be established?
  6. What kind of manufacturing complex will Kalyani Steel Limited set up?
  7. How many straight weeks of inflows have India dedicated funds seen?
  8. How much did largecap funds receive this week?
  9. Which country’s investors are the strongest contributors to India flows?
  10. How many applications for initiation of CIRPs were withdrawn before their admission according to Care Edge Ratings?
  11. What was the overall recovery rate till Q3FY24 according to the analysis?
  12. How much net profit did Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd earn for the nine-month period ended December 31, 2023?
  13. What was Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance’s gross premium for the period under review?
  14. What app did Air India’s CEO Campbell Wilson announce?
  15. What will the proposed distillery in Nagpur’s industrial suburb produce?
  16. Who voted to oust Byju Raveendran as CEO?
  17. What did the RBI issue directions for on Friday?
  18. What does the IBC incentivize debtors to do according to CARE Ratings?
  19. How much did Apple’s revenue in India grow last year?
  20. What is the full capacity of the Chhattargarh Solar project?
  21. What action will the MCG take against default property owners?
  22. What did the RBI ask NPCI to ensure for Paytm Payments Bank Ltd users?
  23. What did Byju’s claim about the resolutions passed during the EGM?
  24. How much has the procurement through GeM jumped this financial year?
  25. What approach does the government follow in trade negotiations according to Piyush Goyal?
  26. How quickly did global cumulative shipments of 5G smartphones surpass 2 billion units?
  27. What drug will Orchid Pharma Ltd launch in the US?
  28. How much did iPhone shipments grow last year?
  29. What are the headwinds to deposit growth in Indian banks according to Goldman Sachs?
  30. What is India’s projected GDP growth for Q3 FY24 according to Bank of Baroda?

Short Answers to Business Quiz Questions

  1. Rs 5.75 crore nett in India.
  2. Aditya Suhas Jambhale.
  3. Four crore Rupees.
  4. The Odisha government.
  5. Dhenkanal district.
  6. A Titanium Metal and Aerospace Components Manufacturing, and Integrated Advanced Specialty Steel and Automotive Components Manufacturing Complex.
  7. 49 weeks.
  8. $631 million.
  9. US investors ($215 million).
  10. Over 27,500.
  11. 31.86 percent.
  12. Rs 457 crore.
  13. Rs 14,860 crore.
  14. Cabin Executive Plus (CE Plus) app.
  15. Up to 60,000 litres of fresh malt spirit daily.
  16. Prosus NV and Peak XV Partners.
  17. To permit authorised banks and non-banks to issue PPIs for public transport systems.
  18. To settle their defaults even before the cases are admitted under the code.
  19. Nearly 42 percent.
  20. 150 MW.
  21. Sealing their property.
  22. Alternative arrangements for customers using the Unified Payments Interface.
  23. The resolutions are “invalid and ineffective.”
  24. 176 percent to Rs 1,82,000 crore.
  25. A careful and calibrated approach.
  26. In less than five years.
  27. Enmetazobactam drug.
  28. About 39 percent.
  29. Strained financial savings and the rise of alternatives.
  30. 6.4 percent.

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Business Quiz Questions- February 13, 2024


  1. Who emphasized the importance of “bold” investments during a visit to Samsung SDI’s battery production line?
  2. Where is Samsung SDI’s battery production line located?
  3. What was the reason for Lee Jae-yong’s visit to Malaysia?
  4. How did small cap shares perform on Monday?
  5. Which sectors faced selling pressure in the weak market?
  6. What has the Union Ministry of Power urged states and UTs to adhere to?
  7. For what horizon should the Resource Adequacy Plan be prepared?
  8. How many units is Hyundai Motor anticipated to ship this year?
  9. Since what year has Hyundai Motor been selling cars?
  10. What is the purpose of the ‘National Creators Award’?
  11. How did the markets perform over a particularly volatile week?
  12. What ambitious plan did Elon Musk announce?
  13. Within how many years did Elon Musk say Starship could reach the moon?
  14. How many employees did Blissclub lay off?
  15. What was Microsoft’s market capitalisation at the end of the week?
  16. Who is eligible for medical benefits under the new ESIC scheme?
  17. What major change is Cisco reportedly preparing for?
  18. Which Ola Electric scooter received PLI certification?
  19. What trend has led to an increase in bankruptcy filings among Japanese marriage agencies?
  20. Why is BASF withdrawing from its joint ventures in Xinjiang?
  21. What is India’s target for electronics production and exports?
  22. What interest rate has the EPFO recommended for Provident Fund deposits for 2023-24?
  23. What does the interest rate change signify according to the Labour Minister?
  24. How did the BSE Sensex and NIFTY perform in a volatile week?
  25. What new achievement does Microsoft hold in terms of market capitalisation?


  1. Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong.
  2. Malaysia.
  3. It was his first overseas trip since being cleared of all charges related to a controversial merger.
  4. Down amid broad-based selling pressure.
  5. Infrastructure and PSU shares.
  6. Adherence to “Resource Adequacy Guidelines”.
  7. A 10-year horizon, on a rolling basis.
  8. 100 million units.
  9. 1968
  10. To recognise and celebrate new-age influencers and creators in India’s digital creator economy.
  11. Markets gained on two days and lost on three, with overall mixed performance across indices.
  12. To shift one million people to Mars.
  13. Less than 5 years.
  14. Nearly 21 employees, potentially up to 30.
  15. $3.125 trillion.
  16. Superannuating workers dropped from the ESI Scheme after their wages exceeded the ceiling, with at least five years of insurable employment after April 1, 2012.
  17. Laying off “thousands” of employees to focus on high-growth areas.
  18. S1 Pro (Gen-2) electric scooter.
  19. An increase in people using dating apps over marriage consultation agencies.
  20. Due to reports about alleged human rights abuses by its partner company.
  21. $300 billion in production, including $100 billion in exports.
  22. 8.25 per cent.
  23. Strengthening social security for India’s workforce.
  24. BSESENSEX was down 490.14 points or 0.68 per cent; NIFTY lost 71.30 points or 0.33 per cent.
  25. The highest market capitalisation for any company ever, surpassing $3.1 trillion.

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Business Quiz Questions- January 31, 2024

One Liners Questions: Business Quiz Questions

  1. What was Yes Bank’s net profit for the October-December quarter of the current financial year?
  2. How much net profit did Yes Bank post in the same quarter of the previous year?
  3. What is the percentage increase in Yes Bank’s Net Interest Income (NII) year-on-year?
  4. When did Binny Bansal exit Flipkart’s board?
  5. When did Sachin Bansal leave the Flipkart board?
  6. What company did Sachin Bansal found after leaving Flipkart?
  7. What did Kalyan Krishnamurthy say about Flipkart?
  8. How much equity did FPIs sell through January 25?
  9. What sectors did FPIs sell in, and what sectors did they buy in?
  10. What is the length of the greenfield Ayodhya bypass project?
  11. Under which initiative is the Ayodhya Bypass Project discussed?
  12. What did Spotify’s CEO criticize Apple for?
  13. How many shares of Amazon did MacKenzie Scott sell in 2023?
  14. What is the total worth of the Amazon shares sold by MacKenzie Scott?
  15. How much did SpiceJet raise in the first tranche of its preferential issue?
  16. What was the US inflation rate according to the last snapshot for 2023?
  17. What is the proposed value of the Vodafone and Three UK merger?
  18. What agreement did the Tata Group and Airbus sign?
  19. What did Canadian Trade Minister Mary Ng say about UK’s decision?
  20. What did Akasa Air announce with CFM International?
  21. When did Akasa Air start its operations?
  22. What achievement did Krutrim secure recently?
  23. How much funding did Krutrim raise in its first round?
  24. What is Southern Railway’s goods loading target for this fiscal?
  25. Where did Sam Altman discuss AI chip manufacturing network setup?

Answers to Business Quiz Questions

  1. Yes Bank’s net profit was Rs 231.6 crore.
  2. The net profit was Rs 51.5 crore.
  3. The NII increased by 2.3% year-on-year.
  4. Binny Bansal exited in 2024.
  5. Sachin Bansal left in 2018.
  6. Sachin Bansal founded Navi.
  7. He said Flipkart is built by teams committed to transforming how India shops.
  8. FPIs sold equity worth Rs 27,664 crores.
  9. FPIs sold in autos, media, and IT; bought in oil and gas, power, and financial services.
  10. The project is 68 km long.
  11. Under PM GatiShakti initiative.
  12. Criticized Apple’s proposed App Store changes as vague and misleading.
  13. Nearly 65.3 million shares.
  14. Currently worth more than $10 billion.
  15. Rs 744 crore.
  16. 2.6 percent.
  17. $19 billion.
  18. To manufacture H125 helicopters.
  19. She expressed disappointment over the pause.
  20. Agreement to purchase CFM LEAP-1B engines for 150 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes.
  21. In August 2022.
  22. Became the country’s fastest unicorn and first AI unicorn.
  23. $50 million at a valuation of $1 billion.
  24. 41 million tons.
  25. In South Korea with key chipmakers.

Business Quiz Questions- January 17, 2024

One-Liner: Business Quiz Questions

  1. What action is India planning to take against unfair non-tariff barriers on its exports?
  2. What was Fitch Ratings’ recent assessment of India’s Long-Term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Rating?
  3. Which company did IBS Software agree to acquire, and for what amount?
  4. What permission was granted by the Delhi High Court to Engine Lease Finance BV regarding SpiceJet?
  5. What continued at Delhi airport despite the establishment of ‘War Rooms’?
  6. What did Devarsh Vakil of HDFC Securities comment on Nifty’s recent performance?
  7. What was HDFC Bank’s net profit for the October-December quarter?
  8. What are the three biggest threats to Indian businesses according to CEOs?
  9. What did the RBI recommend for state governments regarding guarantees?
  10. How long would it take for the world’s top five richest men to exhaust their money at $1 million per day?
  11. How might India’s trade deficit be affected by events in the Red Sea?
  12. What achievements did Kerala report in terms of investment and job creation?
  13. Which states were ranked as the best performing in India at the startups awards function?
  14. When is ‘Startup Maha Kumbh’ scheduled?
  15. What did RERA state about advance payments for real estate projects?
  16. What concerns did Vinod Nair of Geojit Financial Services express about market valuations?
  17. What operational change was announced for RWY 29L at Delhi airport?
  18. What partnership was formed between Karnataka Bank and Clix Capital?
  19. How significant was REC Limited’s recent green bonds issue?
  20. How much funding did Wow! Momo raise in its Series D round?

Answers: Business Quiz Questions

  1. India plans to counter unfair non-tariff barriers on its exports with similar reciprocal steps.
  2. Fitch Ratings affirmed India’s Long-Term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Rating at ‘BBB-‘ with a stable outlook.
  3. IBS Software agreed to acquire Above Property Services for $90 million.
  4. The Delhi High Court allowed Engine Lease Finance BV to inspect an engine leased to SpiceJet.
  5. Chaos continued at Delhi airport for the third day with over 90 domestic flights delayed or rescheduled.
  6. Nifty fell 65 points to close at 22032, breaking a 5-session winning streak.
  7. HDFC Bank reported a 33.5 percent increase in net profit, amounting to Rs 16,372 crore.
  8. Indian CEOs identified inflation, cyber risks, and health concerns as the biggest threats.
  9. The RBI recommended a ceiling for incremental guarantees by state governments at 5% of Revenue Receipts or 0.5% of Gross State Domestic Product.
  10. It would take 476 years for the world’s top five richest men to spend all their money at $1 million per day.
  11. India’s trade deficit may become volatile due to supply-side disruptions in the Red Sea.
  12. Kerala attracted over Rs 91,575 crore in new investments and created job opportunities for about five lakh people.
  13. Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu were ranked as the best performing states in startups.
  14. ‘Startup Maha Kumbh’ is scheduled for March 2024.
  15. RERA stated that no promoter should accept more than 10 percent of the cost of a flat, plot, or building as an advance payment.
  16. Vinod Nair expressed concerns over elevated domestic valuations in mid and small caps.
  17. RWY 29L at Delhi airport was made CAT III operational.
  18. Karnataka Bank and Clix Capital entered into a co-lending partnership for the Indian MSME sector.
  19. REC Limited issued the largest ever Yen-denominated green bonds from India, worth 61.1 billion Japanese Yen.
  20. Wow! Momo raised Rs 410 crore in its Series D round.

Business Quiz Questions- January 2, 2024

One-Liner Questions: Business Quiz Questions

  1. What instructions has the Reserve Bank of India issued to banks regarding unclaimed deposits?
  2. How much are the world’s five largest listed oil companies expected to pay out to investors in 2023?
  3. What economic challenges did China’s President Xi Jinping acknowledge in his New Year’s Eve speech?
  4. What recent change has the Union Ministry of Heavy Industries announced regarding the PLI scheme?
  5. How did automobile sales perform in India in the last month of 2023?
  6. What is the value of Government bonds the Finance Ministry announced to sell through an auction?
  7. What is the value of the GST demand order received by LIC for the state of Maharashtra?
  8. How many commercial pilot licenses did the DGCA issue in 2023?
  9. How many accounts did WhatsApp ban in India in November 2023?
  10. What was the performance of Nifty on the first day of 2024?
  11. How much content did Meta take down in India on Facebook and Instagram in November 2023?
  12. What is the current value of ₹2,000 banknotes in circulation, as stated by the RBI?
  13. What notices did Zomato receive regarding GST payments?
  14. What is the financial status of Wadia Group companies following the bankruptcy of Go First?

Answers: Business Quiz Questions

  1. The RBI has instructed banks to strengthen efforts to reduce unclaimed deposits and return them to their rightful owners.
  2. The five ‘super-majors’ – BP, Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and TotalEnergies – are expected to pay out over $100 million to investors in 2023.
  3. President Xi Jinping acknowledged China’s struggling businesses and job seekers’ difficulties in finding work.
  4. The Ministry extended the tenure of the PLI scheme for the automobile and auto components sector by one year.
  5. Some automobile makers in India saw volume growth while others experienced negative sales in the last month of 2023.
  6. The Finance Ministry announced the sale of Government bonds valued at Rs 34,000 crore.
  7. LIC received a GST notice for Rs 806 crore for the state of Maharashtra.
  8. The DGCA issued 1,622 commercial pilot licenses in 2023.
  9. WhatsApp banned over 71 lakh accounts in India in November 2023.
  10. Nifty ended the first day of 2024 with little change, up 0.05% or 10.5 points at 21,741.9.
  11. Meta took down over 18.3 million pieces of content on Facebook and 4.7 million on Instagram in India.
  12. The total value of ₹2,000 banknotes declined to ₹9,330 crore, indicating that 97.38% of them have been returned.
  13. Zomato received notices for alleged short payment of GST amounting to Rs 4.2 crore.
  14. Despite Go First’s bankruptcy, the Wadia Group’s credit ratings remain robust.

Business Quiz Questions- December 18, 2023

One-Liner Questions: Business Quiz Questions

  1. What did Accenture launch in India recently?
  2. How much have FIIs invested in India in the last two weeks?
  3. What is the status of yearly hikes and promotions in major IT players in Bengaluru?
  4. What request has Zee Entertainment made to Culver Max Entertainment?
  5. What are Sajjan Jindal’s recent allegations?
  6. What discussions is a Parliamentary committee scheduled to have next month?
  7. What is the purpose of the Parijat Lab opened by NBRI?
  8. What recent achievement has the NPCIL announced about its Kakrapar Atomic Power Project?
  9. What financial situation are the banks facing that lent money to Elon Musk for his Twitter acquisition?
  10. What is the expected value of the Indian Public Cloud services market by 2027?
  11. How does West Bengal’s financial status compare with the national average?
  12. What unique project has Jeff Bezos invested in?
  13. What is the potential economic impact of Generative AI on India’s GDP?
  14. What is Mark Zuckerberg reportedly building in Hawaii?
  15. What are the recent trends in global smart personal audio shipments?
  16. What is Microsoft’s latest release in the field of small language models?

Answers: Business Quiz Questions

  1. Accenture launched a generative AI Studio in India.
  2. FIIs have invested around Rs 20,000 crore in the last two weeks.
  3. Major IT players in Bengaluru have enforced steep cuts in yearly hikes and promotions.
  4. Zee Entertainment has asked Culver Max Entertainment to extend the merger deadline to December 21.
  5. Sajjan Jindal denied allegations of ‘rape’ made by a woman doctor.
  6. A Parliamentary committee will discuss banking laws and mergers with public sector banks.
  7. Parijat Lab is dedicated to research and development of natural ingredient-based perfumes.
  8. NPCIL’s second 700 MW unit at Kakrapar Atomic Power Project in Gujarat achieved criticality.
  9. Banks that lent money to Musk for Twitter acquisition are facing potential serious losses.
  10. The Indian Public Cloud services market is expected to reach $17.8 billion by 2027.
  11. West Bengal is behind the national average in terms of state’s own revenue or GSDP percentage.
  12. Jeff Bezos has invested in building a 10,000-year clock that ticks once a year.
  13. Generative AI has the potential to add $1.2-1.5 trillion to India’s GDP over the next seven years.
  14. Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly building a $100 million mansion in Hawaii with a huge underground bunker.
  15. Global smart personal audio shipments fell 3% in Q3 2023, with Apple leading the market.
  16. Microsoft released a new compact “small language model” titled Phi-2.

Business Quiz Questions-November 27, 2023

One Liner Business Quiz Questions

  1. Why was the final hearing of Google’s appeal against the CCI’s order postponed by NCLAT?
  2. What significant change did SEBI’s board meeting approve regarding the nomenclature of social auditors?
  3. What new version of malware has been discovered by cybersecurity researchers?
  4. What sectors are expected to gain traction with the onset of the wedding season?
  5. How much did Black Friday generate in US online sales this year?
  6. How much additional venture capital did Neuralink raise recently?
  7. What is the current state of the American housing market for the middle class?
  8. What action did authorities in Kashmir take against “erring consumers”?
  9. Which cryptocurrency firms associated with Justin Sun were hacked?
  10. What role is India expected to play in the global debate over AI?
  11. Why has the AIBEA deferred its bank and state wise strike call?
  12. What trend is currently observed in the healthcare sector in Tamil Nadu?
  13. What announcement did the National Biofuels Coordination Committee make regarding CBG?
  14. How do liberal-leaning media compare to conservative media in their sentiment toward AI?
  15. Why did HSBC apologize to its customers in the UK?
  16. Who did Elon Musk meet after seven years during the Starship rocket launch?
  17. How much did online sales reach on Thanksgiving Day in the US?
  18. What MoU did Noida International Airport sign with IndiGo?

One Liner Business Quiz Questions with Answers

  1. The NCLAT postponed the hearing due to undisclosed reasons.
  2. The nomenclature of ‘social auditor’ was changed to ‘social impact assessor’.
  3. A new version of the “Ducktail” malware targeting Facebook Business accounts was discovered.
  4. Jewellery, apparel, hotels, aviation, and related industries are expected to gain traction.
  5. Black Friday generated $9.8 billion in US online sales.
  6. Neuralink raised an additional $43 million in venture capital.
  7. The housing market has become unaffordable for some middle-class Americans due to high mortgage rates.
  8. The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Ltd disconnected 1,117 consumers and realized Rs 29.89 crore in revenue.
  9. The HTX digital currency exchange and another platform associated with Justin Sun were hacked.
  10. India is expected to play a crucial role in shaping responsible AI legislation.
  11. The AIBEA deferred its strike call due to unspecified reasons.
  12. Major homegrown groups in Tamil Nadu are on an acquisition spree in the healthcare sector.
  13. The Committee announced phase-wise mandatory blending of CBG in CNG and PNG segments.
  14. Liberal-leaning media have a more negative sentiment toward AI than conservative media.
  15. HSBC apologized for an outage that prevented customers from accessing online banking services.
  16. Elon Musk met his father Errol Musk.
  17. Online sales in the US on Thanksgiving Day reached $5.6 billion.
  18. The MoU with IndiGo aims to develop and strengthen air connectivity in Uttar Pradesh and beyond.

Business Quiz Questions- November 7, 2023


  1. How much was Shree Lodra Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd fined by the RBI?
  2. What is the name of the day when people buy precious metals or home products in India?
  3. By how much did the cost of a home-cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali fall in October, as per the CRISIL report?
  4. What was the percentage decrease in the prices of potato and tomato that influenced the thali cost?
  5. What digital facilities did Kerala launch to streamline investment processes?
  6. What is the status of the resolution process for Reliance Capital?
  7. How much did Radico Khaitan’s net profit increase in the July-September quarter?
  8. What country was the most targeted by cyberattacks, according to a Cyfirma report?
  9. How much did Fitch raise its forecast for India’s mid-term GDP growth?
  10. What was the premium growth percentage of the Indian non-life insurance industry over October 2022?
  11. What is India’s current economic growth momentum and core inflation rate, according to DSP Mutual Fund?
  12. How much in company stocks did an Amazon employee lose after quitting?
  13. What was Nykaa’s net profit in the second quarter of the current financial year?
  14. How much return did Peak XV Partners reportedly find in Mamaearth’s IPO?
  15. What was the profit drop percentage for Noise in FY23?
  16. What did Power Minister R.K. Singh advise states regarding power plants?
  17. By how much did Max Healthcare Institute’s net profit increase in the July-September quarter?


  1. Shree Lodra Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd was fined Rs 4 lakh.
  2. The auspicious day is called Dhanteras.
  3. The cost of vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali fell by 5% and 7% respectively.
  4. There was a 21% and 38% decrease in the prices of potato and tomato respectively.
  5. Kerala launched the Invest Kerala web portal and the Kerala Responsible Industry Incentive Scheme portal.
  6. The resolution process for Reliance Capital has not concluded despite the Hinduja Group’s plan approval.
  7. Radico Khaitan’s net profit increased by 19.4%.
  8. India was the most targeted country by cyberattacks.
  9. Fitch raised India’s GDP growth forecast by 0.7% to 6.2%.
  10. The Indian non-life insurance industry saw a 13.65% premium growth.
  11. India’s economic growth momentum is normalising with a core inflation rate at 4.6%.
  12. The Amazon employee lost more than Rs 1.7 crore in company stocks.
  13. Nykaa’s net profit was Rs 7.8 crore.
  14. Peak XV Partners reportedly found a return of 10 times or greater.
  15. Noise saw its profits plunge by 97.25%.
  16. R.K. Singh advised states to run all power plants at full capacity.
  17. Max Healthcare Institute’s net profit increased by 26%.

Business Quiz Questions- October 11, 2023


  1. Who recently sold the wireless charging startup Wiferion?
  2. What is Wiferion known for?
  3. Which company has acquired Wiferion from Tesla?
  4. Which company announced the closure of the second quarter of FY24 with increased revenue and net profit?
  5. What is the second interim dividend per share announced by TCS?
  6. How many equity shares does TCS plan to buy back?
  7. What is the maximum amount TCS has allocated for the buyback?
  8. Who highlighted the G20 presidency’s focus on multilateralism?
  9. Where was the roundtable discussion hosted by US treasury secretary Janet Yellen held?
  10. Which two major UK telecommunication providers are set for a merger?
  11. Who is set to investigate the merger between Vodafone UK and Three UK?
  12. How much has the public sector oil and gas companies set aside for promoting startups?
  13. What is the IMF’s GDP growth forecast for India’s FY24?
  14. What was the Sensex’s closing figure on the mentioned Wednesday?
  15. Which French electronics brand plans to release laptops in India in Q1 2024?
  16. How did Mastercard’s CFO describe the UPI system?
  17. How much does the Bank of Baroda plan to raise through long-term bonds?
  18. What significant event was organized by the Government of Bihar?
  19. How much net inflow did equity mutual funds record in September as mentioned by Akhil Chaturvedi?
  20. Which major Canadian union reached an agreement with GM?
  21. How is the domestic economy behaving in relation to premium and basic goods?
  22. Which bank is potentially affected by RBI’s ban on onboarding customers via BOB World?
  23. How many employees were laid off by Blue Origin in its enterprise technology department?


  1. Tesla sold the wireless charging startup Wiferion.
  2. Wiferion is known for its inductive charging technology for industrial robots and electric vehicles.
  3. PULS acquired Wiferion from Tesla.
  4. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) announced this.
  5. Rs 9 per share.
  6. Up to 4,09,63,855 equity shares.
  7. Rs 17,000 crore.
  8. Union Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
  9. Marrakech, Morocco.
  10. Vodafone UK and CK Hutchison-owned Three UK.
  11. The UK’s anti-trust regulator.
  12. Rs 405 crore.
  13. 6.3 per cent.
  14. 66,473.05.
  15. Thomson.
  16. He described UPI as “fantastic at many levels” but an “incredibly painful experience” for ecosystem participants.
  17. Up to Rs 10,000 crore.
  18. ‘Bihar Business Connect’, Investors Summit in Bengaluru.
  19. Rs 14,091 crore.
  20. Unifor.
  21. Premium and luxury goods are seeing strong demand, while basic demand is impacted by high inflation.
  22. Bank of Baroda.
  23. Around 40 employees.

Business Quiz Questions-Sept 15, 2023


  1. On which day did Vodafone Idea hit a new 52-week high?
  2. What was the closing price of Vodafone Idea on the BSE?
  3. Why is Punjab’s Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann against the restrictions on basmati export?
  4. What minimum export price for basmati has the Union government set?
  5. On what occasion did Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal address the technocrats?
  6. What did CEO Campbell Wilson discuss on the first anniversary of Air India’s Vihaan?
  7. How much growth did the Indian technical consumer goods (TCG) market record in the first half of this year?
  8. By what percentage did industrial production in China increase in August compared to a year earlier?
  9. What is the current trading range of gold prices?
  10. What is the current price of Brent crude?
  11. Which Indian IT company was featured in the TIME Magazine’s top 100 ‘World’s Best Companies 2023’ list?
  12. What message did several smartphone users receive from the Central government on Friday?
  13. When did Amazon Web Services (AWS) India’s Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region become operational?
  14. How much did British chip designing giant Arm’s value increase on its first day of trading in the US IPO?
  15. How much money did SpiceJet transfer to Credit Suisse in compliance with the Supreme Court’s directive?


  1. Vodafone Idea hit a new 52-week high on Friday.
  2. The closing price of Vodafone Idea on the BSE was Rs 11.73.
  3. Bhagwant Mann believes that the restrictions on basmati export are against the interests of farmers and traders.
  4. The Union government has set the minimum export price of basmati at Rs 1,200 per ton.
  5. Piyush Goyal addressed the technocrats on Engineers Day.
  6. Campbell Wilson discussed the accomplishments, future objectives, and measures taken to combat pilot fatigue.
  7. The Indian TCG market recorded an 8% growth in value in the first half of this year.
  8. Industrial production in China increased by 4.5% in August from a year earlier.
  9. Gold has been fluctuating in the range of $1,880-$1,960 during the last month.
  10. Brent crude was trading above $94 per barrel.
  11. Infosys was the Indian IT company featured in the TIME Magazine’s list and ranked at the 64th spot.
  12. Smartphone users received an “emergency alert: severe” message from the Central government.
  13. AWS India’s Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region became operational in November 2022.
  14. Arm’s value jumped about 25% on its first day of trading in the US IPO.
  15. SpiceJet transferred $1.5 million to Credit Suisse.

Business Quiz Questions-Dec 21, 2022

  1. Who has withdrawn from the bidding process, dealing a serious blow to Reliance Capital Ltd.’s (RCAP) resolution process?

2- According to reports in the media on Tuesday, who intends to start producing MacBooks in Vietnam by the middle of 2023 as it continues to diversify its production base away from China to other nations, including India?

3 – Who claimed that the business was acknowledged and given the “Asia’s Most Trusted Companies” Award by the International Brand Consulting (IBC) Corporation, US, for being the “Best Technology Solution Provider of Asia”?

Business Quiz Questions

4-How many regular employees and how many contractual workers did different Central Public Sector Enterprises have as of March 31, 2014?

5- Who, according to the source, “continues to diversify its production base away from China amid increasing tech tensions between Washington and Beijing,” and who aims to relocate some MacBook manufacture to Vietnam for the first time next year.

6-How many regular employees and how many contract workers did the various Central Public Sector Enterprises have as of March 31, 2022?

Business Quiz Questions

7- Who said that the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) aims to facilitate expedited infrastructure building and bring efficiency in infrastructure operation and maintenance for a multiplier impact on the economy?

8-Who claimed to have paid an unknown sum for a strategic investment in Lemnisk (Immensitas Private Limited) as part of its “Start Up Accelerator Program” with the goal of creating the largest customer data platform (CDP) in the world?

Business Quiz Questions

9- To meet the nation’s climate ambitions, the government must continue to expand on the more than doubling of its subsidies for renewable energy and electric vehicles over the past fiscal year.

10, According to Union Steel Minister Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, “Which state government has not been able to establish a climate of security for the possible owners of the Salem Steel Plant (SSP) to undertake the due diligence?”

Business Quiz Questions


1- A consortium of Cosmea Financial and Piramal Group, which was the highest bidder for RCAP assets,

2- Apple

3-63 moons technologies ltd, domestic fintech leader and creator of next-gen digital marketplaces

4- 13.51 lakh regular employees; 3.08 lakh contractual workers

5- Apple

6-9.22 lakh regular employees and 4.99 lakh contractual workers

7-In a written reply, Minister of State, Finance, Bhagwat Karad said

8-Bharti Airtel

9-In FY 2022,

10-The Tamil Nadu government.

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