Economy One-Liners for various competitive examinations

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Economy One-Liners for various competitive examinations

Thank You for landing the Economy and Business section page.

Here are some important Economy one-liners for students competing for various exams

Watch some of the important Economy Bits below.

1- By whom the monetary policy of India is framed?

(A) The Government of India
(B) The State Bank of India
(C) The Reserve Bank of India
(D) None of the above.

2- During which period India took Annual Plans?

(A) 966-1969
(B) 1969-1971
(C) 1968-19701
(D) None of the above

3- SAARC represents-

(A) The South American States
(B) The South Asian States
(C) Asian and African States
(D)The South African States

4- In which year, the latest population Census was undertaken?

(A) 2001
(B) 2005
(C) 1991
(D) 2011

5-In which year plan, the same importance was given to agriculture and industry?

(A) First Plan
(B) Fifth Plan
(C) Third Plan
(D) Fourth Plan

6- What is Operation Barga?

(A) It is a program of universal registration of tenants
(B) It is recognition of sharing of outputs between landlords and share-croppers
(C) It is recognition of share-croppers’ rights to cultivate lands of absentee landlords
(D) It is Equal distribution of lands

7- Name the Five Year Plans in which a bold approach was adopted towards a long term employment policy.

(A) Fifth
(B) Sixth
(C) Eighth
(D) Seventh

8- In which place, ‘Operation Barga’ was first introduced?

(A) West Bengal
(B) Karnataka
(C) Kerala
(D) Bihar.

9- The name of the Central Bank of India is-

(A) Indian Overseas Bank
(B) Reserve Bank of India
(C) State Bank of India
(D) Central Bank of India

10- Planning Commission was formed in this year under the chairmanship of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru-

(A) 1952
(B) 1951
(C) 1950
(D) 1949

11- Which among the following finally approves the draft five-year plan?

(A) National Development Council
(B) Parliament and State Legislatures
(C) The President of India
(D) Planning Commission

12- Name the person who is associated with the formulation of Planning Strategy in the Second Five-Year Plan.

(A) Mahatma Gandhi
(B) Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis
(C) B.R. Shenoy
(D) Jawaharlal Nehru

13- State Bank of India was earlier known as-

(A) The Industrial Bank of India
(B) The Central bank of India
(C) The National Bank of India
(D) The Imperial Bank of India

14- This among the following can be levied by the State Government-

(A) Capital gains tax
(B) Tax on profession
(C) Wealth tax
(D) Income tax

15- This number of private commercial banks were nationalized in 1969.

(A) 12
(B) 13
(C) 14
(D) 15


1- The Reserve Bank of India.

2- 1966-1969.

3- South Asian States.

4- 2011.

5- Third Plan.

6- It is a program of universal registration of tenants.

7- Eighth.

8- West Bengal.

9-Reserve Bank of India.

10- 1950

11- National Development Council.

12- Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis.

13-The Imperial Bank of India

14-Tax on profession

15- 14.

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