Economy One-Liners for various competitive examinations

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Economy One-Liners for various competitive examinations


Thank You for landing the Economy and Business section page.

Here are some important Economy one-liners for students competing for various exams

Watch some of the important Economy Bits below.


1-Estimates of national income in India are prepared by the Central statistical organization

2-Of the various ways of financing government’s investment expenditure, the least inflationary is taxation.

3-Lakdawala Committee’s recommendations are being followed for estimating Poverty Line in India.

4-India is self-sufficient in the production of Milk.

5-More than one-third of the crude steel production of the world comes from China

6-One-rupee currency notes bear the signature of Finance Secretary of India.

7-A rolling plan was a plan for one year

8-A steady increase in the general level of prices as a result of excessive increase in aggregate demand as compared to aggregate supply is termed as demand-pull inflation

9-Absolute Poverty means poverty in terms of the basic minimum calorie requirements.

10-An ad valorem duty is a tax on the basis of The price of a commodity

11-According to the law of demand when Price Increases, demand decreases

12-A very rapid growth in prices in which money loses its value to the point where even barter may be preferable is known as hyper-inflation.

13- An economy is in equilibrium when Intended investment equals intended saving.

14-Bank rate is the rate at which the Reserve Bank of India gives credit to commercial banks.

15-Black money is income on which payment of tax is usually evaded

16-Capital output ratio of a commodity measures the ratio of working capital employed to a quantity of output.

17-Consequent upon the recommendations of the Working Group on Rural Banks, 5 Rural Regional Banks were initially set up in the year 1975

18-Broad money in India is M3

19-Banks in India are required to maintain a portion of their demand and time liabilities with the Reserve Bank of India. This portion is called Cash Reserve Ratio.

20- An essential attribute of inflation is increase in prices.

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