General Awareness for various competitive examinations

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General Awareness for various competitive examinations

General Awareness
General Awareness


Thank You all for all for landing at the page of General Awareness.

General Awareness plays an important role in various competitive examinations conducted by various organizations.

General Awareness bits help in the last minute preparation for various exams.

General Awareness One-Liners help a lot.

Watch below some of General Awareness-One Liners


1-The first Indian to be selected as mayor in the UK is Harbhajan Kaur

2- The amount given under Pradhan Manthri Suraksha Bima Yojana is Rs.2 lakhs

3-The last viceroy before constitution came into effect was Raja Gopalachary

4-Operation smile related to ‘Find Missing Children’.

5-Uniform civil code article- Article 44

6-The need for Western blot test is Antibody Checking

7-The FIFA 2018 will be held in Russia

8-Gasoline car was introduced by George Selden

9-First female Prime Minister of Sri Lanka was Sirimavo Bandaranaike

10- The transition between two biological communities is called as Ecotone

11-SONAR full form is Sound Navigation And Ranging

12-Transistor was invented in the year 1948

13-Azad Hind Fauz was formed in 1943

14-The full form of PCB is Printed Circuit Board

15- Father of White Revolution in India is Verghese Kurien

Verghese Kurien
Verghese Kurien

16-Marlon James is the author of the Novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings

17- GSLV- Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

18-Fruit bats are host of Ebola virus

19-Proteins are manufactured in Ribosomes part of cell

20-Anglo Sikh War was fought in 1845

21-Laughing gas is Nitrous Oxide

22-Afghanistan celebrates Independence on 19th August

23-The project ‘LIGO’ is related to Rivers

24-Cricketer Kumar Sangakkara Hits three consecutive centuries in Cricket World Cup

Kumar Sangakkara
Kumar Sangakkara

25-Yankee stadium is situated at which New York City

26-Chief Election Commissioner is removed by Parliament with two-thirds majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

27-Michigan Stadium is the Largest Stadium of America

28- Khajuraho temples can be found in Madhya Pradesh

29-India occupies 2.4 percentage of world s geographical area

30-Language of Mughal Density is the Persian Language

31-Largest Coal Deposits in India are available in Damodar Valley

32-The Biography of Indira Gandhi written by Pupul Jayakar

33-Tippu Sultan Masjid is situated in Kolkata

34-Pitchblende is related to Uranium


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