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General Awareness – Indian Democracy

1-The term Democracy has been derived from Greek language.

2-The House Of People is also called as Lok Sabha.

3-The famous definition of Democracy was given by Abraham Lincoln.

                                                                  Abraham Lincoln
4-The first general elections on the basis of Adult Franchise were held in the year 1952.

5-Electorate means the body of voters.

6-Franchise means the right to vote.

7-Returning officer supervises and conducts election in a constituency.

8-Our state has unicameral legislature.

9-Constitutional right of choosing representtive is called Franchise.

10-The year in which Indian National Congress was formed was 1885.

11-National Literacy Mission was set up in the year 1988.

12-The Andhra state was created in the year 1953.

13-The year of Dowry prohibition act was 1961.

14-Shramadanam was introduced in 01-01-1996.

15-Indian Planning was started in the year 1951,1st April.

16-The work of conducting election to the Parliament and state Assemblies is entrusted to Election Commission.

17-The registered voter who wants to contest in the election to the Legislative Assembly or Lok Sabha must complete the age of 25 years.

18-Local bodies serve as the training ground for democracy.

19-Abraham Lincoln said that Democracy is the government of the people,by the people and for the people.

20-In modern democracies, the form of government is representative.

21-Direct election is also called general election.

22-The upper house of Indian Parliament is called Rajya Sabha and lower house of Indian Parliament is called Lok Sabha.

23-Lok Sabha elections are the example of Direct Election and Rajya Sabha elections are the example of Indirect Election.

24-The citizens choose their representative once in five years.

25-The Telugu Desam Party was founded by NT Rama Rao in 1982.

26-The democratic government is a Constitutional government.

27-From 1979,Jana Sangh was named as Bhartiya Janata Party.

28-The Universal Adult Franchise made us to proudly call India the largest democracy in the World.

29-Security votes by resorting to force and illegal means during the polling process is known as Rigging.

30-The Congress Party was defeated in National Elections for the first time in the year 1977.

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