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General Awareness –

*Chushul is the highest airfield in India.

*Chitrakut is situated in Uttar Pradesh.

*Tania Sachdev is Chess player.

*Vaikom Muhammed Basheer was a famous writer.

*Mrs. sarojini Naidu was the first lady Governor of an Indian state.

*Bangalore is known as Garden City of India.

*National Police Academy is located at Dehradun.

*The Vivekananda Rock Memoria is situated at Kanyakumari.

* Patwarilal Das was a Veteran Gandhian.

*Jawaharlal Nehru Pattan is located in Maharashtra state.

*First railway line in India was laid in 1853.

*Bhau Athaya won an Oscar award for costum designing.

*Ravi Shankar has been conferred the Honorary Knight Commander of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition to music.

*The Central Scientific Instruments Organisation is situated at Chandigarh.

*Muthuswami Dikshitar  is considered as Trimurti (Trinity) of Carnatic Music.

*Ruth Handler was the creator of the worlds most popular doll Barbie.

* Mandi House is the office of Director General of Doordarshan.

*Harita Kaur is the first Indian woman pilot to fly an aircraft Solo.

*Guru Gopi Krishna was a maestro of Kathak dance forms.

*The largest dry dock in Indial is situated at Marmugao.

*India’s first Ladies Special Subruban train was started by Western zones of Inidian Railways.

*Shiv Kumar Sharma is a famous player of Santoor.

*Golden Temple is situated in Amrithsar.

*Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra is a maestro of Kathak.

*Rabindranath Tagore is  popularly known as Gurudev.

*Headquarters of the newly created South-Western Railway Zone is locate at Hubli.

*Indian Cancer Research Institute is located at Mumbai.

*The headquarters of the National Reaserch Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property is located in Lucknow.

*Pady Clarke Ha Ha Ha, a very popular book, is written by Roddy Doyle.

*.Prof. Amartya Sen has earned worldwide distinction in Economics.

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