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General Awareness -Geography

1-Black Soils are largely found in Maharasthra.

2-The soil which is soft when wet and very hard when dry is Laterite.

3-Regur soils are called Black soils.

4-The older alluvium is called as Bhangar in India.

5-The newer Alluvium is called as Kadar in India.

6-Laterite soils are characterised by leaching away of the much of silica from the original rock.

7-The sand dunes are caused due to wind erosion.

8-Red soils are derived from the weathering of crystalline and metaphoric rocks.

9-The erosion which is more prevalent on the banks of Yamuna and Chambal is called as Gully erosion.

10-Red soil is rich in iron.

11-Cotton is the most suitable crop of Black soils.

12-Black soil is also called as Deccan trap soil.

13-The soils which occur mostly in Western Ghats and and Chota Nagpur plateau are Laterite soils.

14-Soils deficient in calcium and sodium are called saline and alkaline soils.

15-Desert soils have very low humous content.

16-Laterite soils are very poor in fertility and generally support pastures and scrub forests.

17-Finger shaped grooves cause Rill erosion type of erosion.

18-If the erosion continues further,the rills may deeper and and enlarge into gullies.

19-The shifting cultivation called Jhumming, was extensively practised by the tribal population.

20-Black cotton or regur soils are mostly found in Deccan lavas tract.

21-Black cotton or Regur soils are ideal for dry farming due to their moisture retentive capacity.

22-Desert soils are suitable for high salt tolerant crops such as Barley and cotton.

23-Gully type of soil erosion is most prevalent over Chambal region.

24-The Alluvial soils are developed due to deposition of sediments.

25-Contour bunding helps for soil conservation.

26-Black cotton or Regur soils are mostly clayey and moisture retentive.

27-Due to deficiency of Nitrogen and humous,the Alluvial soils require heavy fertilisation.

28-What are the three layers of soil ?

Ans- Topsoil, subsoil, bedrock

29-Three types of soil are clay, sand, and ?


30-Materials that are rich in the things plants need to grow are called fertilisers.

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