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General Awareness : June 9,2015

1-What are the worlds smallest trees – (not Bonsai) ?–Ans-  Dwarf Willows (Greenland) 2 inch.

2-The only bird that can smell is Emus.

3-Apart from man what is New Zealand’s only native mammals ?-Ans- Bats.

4-What colour is worn for funerals in Egypt ?-Ans- Yellow.

5-What country excludes women from the graveside rituals ?-Ans- China.

6-An exultation is a group of animals called Larks.

7-Pertussis has common name as Whooping Cough.

8-Red onions originated in Italy.

9-Nephologists study what ?-Ans- Clouds – Meteorology.

10-Speed skating started in Netherlands.

11-The national flower of Mexico is Dahlia.

12-The Pindus is the main mountain range in  Greece.

13-The common name for the astyeroidea is Starfish.

14-A paddling is a group of animals called Ducks.

15-Which American city was named after a British Prime Minister ?- Ans- Pittsburgh.

16-The smallest state of Australia is Tasmania.

17- An interferometer measures Wavelength of light

18-Who were the first people to measure the year ?- Ans- Babylonians

19-The Black Swan is native to Australia.

20-Who was Canada’s first prime minister ?-Ans- Sir John MacDonald.

21-What is the most common disease in the world ?-Ans- Dental Caries.

22-Czechoslovakia was the first to make seat belts compulsory.

23-The 1952 Olympics held in Helsinki.

24-The National Bird of India is Peacock.

25-What is the last book of the Bible ?- Revelations

26-What is a Chuckwalla ?- Ans- Lizard.

27-A Myologist studies what ? -Ans- Muscles.

28- The largest country in Africa is Sudan.

29-Which country invented French fried potatoes ?- Ans- Belgium

30-What is the Japanese Shinkasen ?- Ans- High speed Train



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