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General Awareness -Indian History                                

1- The last Mughal Emperor was  Bahadur Shah.

2- Aryans lived in Gangetic valley.

3-The Indus Valley houses were built of bricks.

4-In the Battle of Wandiwash, the English defeated French.

5-The first president of the Republic of India was Dr Rajendra Prasad.

6-The first to establish regular trade with India was Portuguese.

7-The brain trust of Chandra Gupta Maurya was Kautilya.

8-Chanakya was known as Vishnugupta.

9-The capital of the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was Lahore.

10-The well known king of slave dynasty was Balban.

11-In 1498, vasco da gama landed at Calicut.

12-Rousseau’s teachings inspired the French Revolution.

13-Mahabharata war took place in 900 BC.

14-India derives its name from ‘The River Indus’.

15-Sea route in India was discovered by Vasco da gama.

16-The king of Kalinga in the Maurya period was Kharavela.

17-The treaty of Seringapatnam was between Cornwallis and Tipu Sultan.

18-Chand Bibi was the ruler of Ahmednagar.

19-Lord William Bentick introduced English in India.

20-The quit India movement was started in the year 1942.

21-Lord Buddha made his first sermon at Sarnath.

22-The foundation for the Vijayanagar city and kingdom was laid by Harihara and Bukka.

23-A council of Eight Ministers known as the Ashta Paradhan assisted Shivaji.

24-The first ruler of Pala dynasty was Gopala.

25-The Aryans came from Central Asia to India around 2500 BC.

26-Babar entered India for the first time through Punjab.

27-The French made their advent through Pondicherry.

28-Taj Mahal is on the banks of Jamuna.

29-Panipat is modern Kurukshetra.

30-Indian Napoleon was Samudra Gupta.

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