Life Processes

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General Awareness -Biology – Life Processes

                                                   Fine Scale diagram of leaf structure

1-Proteins are broken down into amino acids in Digestive system.

2-Chloroplasts are disc shaped.

3-Chlorophyll is soluble in fat.

4-The organ Heart pumps the blood to body organs in body.

                                                                  Human Heart
5-The blood protein Heparin helps in the clottoing of blood.

6-Cuticle serves as a skeleton in Cockroach.

7-The number of chambers in the heart of Cockroach is 13.

8-Pulmonary respiration takes place through Lungs.

9-Acetyl coenzyme -A is a two Carbon compound.

10-Melvin Calvin got Nobel prize for his studies on Carbon fixation.The major respiratory substrates in microbes are Carbohydrates and fats.

                                                               Melvin Ellis Calvin
11-Normal blood pressure of human is 120/80.

12-The respiratory organs in some crabs is Gills.

13- Elementary particles are present in Mitochondra.

14-More palisode tissue occurs in leaves exposed to bright light.

15-Starch is tested using Iodine reagent.

16-Tracheal system is present in Insects.

17-The location of Tricuspid valve in Human heart is Right auriculo-ventricular aperture.

18-Increase in temperature beyond 45 degree centigrade will decrease the rate of respiration.

19-The shape of guard cells in leaf is kidney.

20-The graveyard of red blood cells is Spleen.

21-Globulins participates in the defence reaction of the body.

22-In Krebs cycle,Pyruvic acid is converted into Citric acid.

23-Anaerobic respiration does not occur in Amoeba but occurs in Muscles,Yeasts and clostridium.

24-Four chambered heart is present in Aves.

25-Fluid tissue of the body is Blood.

26-In Photosynthesis, the low energy substances are converted into high energy compounds.

27-The substance in the inner compartment of Mitochondria is called Matrix.

28-The type of respiration in some crabs is Branchial.

29-Number of lobes in the right lung in human being is three.

30-Photophosphorylation occurs in Chloroplast.

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