General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-Harvard University was originally called what ?- Cambridge Harvard

2-There are 300 distinct different types of what food ? – Honey

3-What is the coldest capital city in the world ?- Ulan Bator Mongolia

4- Janette Rankin in 1917 first to do what Woman elected to Congress

5-The average person in a lifetime grows 7 foot of what ?- Nose Hair

6- England its illegal for a lady to do what on a public conveyance ?- Eat Chocolates

7 -What country has three capital cities Admin Legislate Judicial ?- South Africa

8-The human bodies got 45 miles of them – what ?- Nerves

9-The Best or Nothing is the motto of what company ?- Mercedes-Bentz

10- Samuel Morse the inventor was originally what till he was 46 ?- Portrait Painter

11-What dog has the best eyesight ?- Greyhound

12- Who cut the US flag to pieces and was honoured for it ? -Robert Peary left bits at North Pole

13-A Vexilliologist is an expert in what ?- The history of flags

14-What is banned by public schools in San Diego ?- Hypnotism

15-In Tokyo there is a restaurant restricted to who ?- Dogs

16-The average person does it 17 times a day – what ?- Laugh

17-The Eggplant is part of what family of plants ?- Thistle

18-Duffel bags were made in Duffel – what country ?- Belgium

19-What happened French President Fronsois Faure on dying 1899 ?- Whore contracted so had to cut off penis

20-  Born Aug 24 to Sept 23 what star sign ?- Virgo

21-They are only found in Lake Nicaragua – what are ?- Fresh water sharks

22-The Chinese only do it every 10 years – what ?- Celebrate Birthdays

23-Countries name means Place where one struggles with God ?- Israel

24-In Singapore you can be fined 10% of income for not doing what ?- Flushing public toilet

25-What country is the world leader in Cobalt Mining ?- Zaire

26-What is the national religion of Scotland ?- Presbyterianism

27-Small country has more 1000 dialects and two official languages ?- Philippines

28-George Bush removed what from the White House menus ?- Broccoli

29-CaCo3 is the chemical formula of what common item ?- Calcium Carbonate –Chalk

30-The Ionian islands are nearest what country ?- Greece

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