General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-The Kung San people live in what area of Africa ?- Kalahari Desert in Botswana.

2-In Kansas its illegal to eat what on Sunday ?- Snakes.

3-What African country gained independence in 1980 ?- Zimbabwe

4- Where were the 1964 winter Olympics held ?- Innsbruck Austria

5-The King Cobra is the only snake that does what ?- Builds a Nest

6- What does a hotwalker do ?- Walks a hot racehorse

7 -In what county did the Aryan race originate ?- India

8-What is a Texas Ruby Red ?- Grapefruit

9-In what city was the first playboy club opened in 1960 ?-  Chicago

10- In the Bible in what city did Jesus perform his first miracle ?-  Cana – John 2:1.11 Water into wine

11-If a prescription said b.i.d. what would it mean ?- Twice Daily

12- What Indian tribe did the army most often use as scouts ?-  Crow

13-What river in Africa carries the most water ?- Congo – Zaire

14-Who was known as The King of Pop ?- Michael Jackson

15-What is Gohan Japanese ?- Rice

16-What US city hosted the final of the 1994 football world cup ?- Pasadena

17-Who was the first president to be televised ?- F D Roosevelt Worlds Fair 1939.

18-Adolph Hitler had a phobia – what ?- Claustrophobia

19-A Chinese eunuch invented what in the second century ?- Paper

20-  Hannibal had only one what ?-  Eye after Rome attack

21-What bird can see the colour blue ?- An Owl

22-All US presidents have worn what ?- Glasses – not in public

23-The White House has 13092 of them – what ?- Knives forks and spoons

24-Where on your body are the most sweat glands ?- Feet

25-Kangaroos and Emus can’t do what ?- Walk backwards

26-Pennsylvania was the first colony to legalise what ?- Witchcraft

27-Your eyeballs are 3.5% what ?- Salt

28- Rafflesia flowers smell like what to attract pollinators ?- Rotting Meat

29-What country had three presidents – in the same day ?- Mexico

30-What mammal has hair – on the soles of its feet ?- Polar Bear

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