General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-What county has a national dog (only one country has one) ?- Netherlands.

2-What is the leading cause of death in China ?- Respiratory Disease.

3-What links horses rabbits and rats ?- Cannot Vomit.

4-George Washington carried a portable what ?- Sundial.

5-73% of what is produced and consumed in the USA ?- Internet Pornography.

6-Half the population of China is what ?- Short Sighted.

7-Telephone poles are mostly made from what wood ?- Chestnut.

8-Ninkasi was the ancient Egyptian goddess of what ?- Beer.

9-All commercially bred turkeys are what ?-  Artificially Inseminated – males oversized.

10-What was the Bikini originally called ?- The Atom.

11-What magazine has the largest unpaid circulation in the US ?- Disney Channel Magazine.

12-In Omaha Nebraska its illegal for a barber to shave what ?- A mans chest.

13-Ancient Chinese thought what fruit a symbol long life immortality ?- Peach.

14-What colour are the Amazon river dolphins ?- Pink.

15-If you had aprosexia what would be impaired or reduced ?- Ability to study.

16-Name the first mailman in Philadelphia ?- Benjamin Franklin.

17-15% of American males are what – so are bulls ?- Colour Blind.

18-There are over 800 brands of what for sale in the USA ?- Bottled Water.

19-In what country do they answer the phone by saying I’m listening ?- Russia.

20-The Chinese apple is another name for what fruit ?- Pomegranate.

21-What is the name of the elephant headed god in India ?- Ganesh.

22-Where is a horses poll ?- Between its ears.

23-Who said “Losing my virginity was a career move” ?- Madonna.

24-Alces Alces is the Latin name for what animal ?- Moose.

25-A talus is what geographical feature ?- Boulders fallen from mountain.

26-In Virginia its against the law for people to bribe except who ?- Political Candidates.

27-What has 121 holes ?- Chinese Checkerboard.

28-What is the name for a male ferret ?- Jack.

29-What is silviculture ?- Forestry.

30-What national flag has the largest animal emblem – a lion ?- Sri Lanka

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