General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1- If you suffered Harpaxophillia what turns you on ?- Being Robbed

2-Operation Dracula in WWII freed what city ?- Rangoon Burma.

3-What was the name of Sancho Panza’s donkey ?- Dapple.

4-Who was the last English King to die on the battlefield ?- Richard III.

5-If you suffered Hierophillia what turns you on ?- Sacred Objects.

6-Candlemaker soapmaker merged in Cincinnati 1837 making what ?- Procter and Gamble.

7-Ilium is the Latin name for what ancient city ?- Troy.

8-If you had hemicrania what would you be suffering from ?- Migraine.

9-How is the cucurbita pepo better known ?- Marrow.

10-The roadrunner belongs to what family of birds ?- Cuckoo.

11-Who would write a decratal or rescript ?- The Pope.

12-If you have Iantronudia what turns you on ?- Flashing a physician.

13-Chocolate crisp introduced in 1935 was renamed what 1937 ?- Kit Kat.

14-Who could win a PATSY ?- Picture Animal Top Star of Year.

15-Feijoada is the national dish of what country ?- Brazil .

16-If you have Dorophillia what turns you on ?- Animal Skins or furs

17-What was the eighth month in the ancient Roman Calendar ?- October.

18-What Queen of Ogygia detained Odysseus for seven years ?- Calypso.

19-In what sport are ten pieces of wood separated by a chain ?- Cricket.

20-What is the US slang term for formal male evening dress ?- Monkey Suit

21-What countries monetary unit is also the bird on its flag ?- Guatemalan Quetzal.

22-Harmatophobia is the fear of what ?- Sexual Incompetence.

23-What sport introduced the term southpaw ?- Baseball

24-Name the dance that means new voice in Portuguese ?- Bossa Nova.

25-If you had Psygophillia what would arouse you ?- Contact with buttocks.

26-What is the Ikurrina ?- Basque Flag

27-What is the name of the Australian Film Institute Award ? – Longford –(Raymond).

28-What city in the USA means First People in Indian ?- Biloxi.

29-Klysmophillia is arousal from what ?- Enemas.

30-What is the common name of Eucalyptus microtheca ?- Coolabah tree (waltzing mathilda)

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