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General Awareness :-  Biology

1-Master gland in the body is Pituitary.It is pituitary gland that acts as a bridge between nervous and endocrine systems.Oxytocin and vasopressin are secreted by Pituitary.

2-The gland that is present close to trachea is Thyroid.

3-Islets of langerhans are present in Pancreas.

4-Diabetes mellitus is caused due to the deficiency of Insulin.

5-The hormone that helps in the implantation of embryo is Progesterone.

6-Band master of endocrine orchestra is the name given to Pituitary gland.

                                        Pituitary gland located at the base of the brain

7-Hormones controlling secondary sexual characters are Oestrogen,Testosterone and Adrenalin.

8-Gland present in the duodenal loops is Pancreas.

9-Debility in muscles and tissuesa is caused by the excess secretion of Insulin.

                                                                      Insulin Molecules
10-Slowdown in general metabolism and darkening of the skin is due to the deficiency of Adrenalin.

11-Pancreas is called as mixed gland.

                                                Anatomy of the Pancreas

12-The hormone that increases the rate of metabolism and temperature is Thyroxine.

13-Endocrine gland in association with Kidney is Adrenal.


14-Hormone secreting cells of Pancreas are Islets of langerhans.

14-The endocrine gland that is present in head is Pituitary.

15-Iodine is necessary for the production of Thyroxine.

16-Conversion of Glycogen to glucose is stimulated by Glucagon.

17-Calcium and phosphate levels in bones are regulated by Parathormone.

18-Deficiency of Parathormone results in Endorthritis.

19-Hormone concerned with calcium metabolism is Parathormone.

20-Number of lobes in pituitary gland is 3.

21-Control and co-ordination in animals is brought by Nervous and endocrine systems.

22-Substances that bring co-ordination between organs are called hormones.

23-Addison’s disease is caused due to the deficiency of Adrenalin.

24-Seed germination is delayed by Abscisic acid.

25-The medium of transport for hormones is blood.

26-The hormones secreted by Adrenal cortex are cortisol and aldosterine.

27-The defiency of Thyroxine causes cretinism in children.

28-The other name for Vasopressin is Antidiuretic.

29-The hormone that can induce labour pains in pregnant ladies is oxytocin.

30-The other name for endocrine glands is ductless glands.

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