General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-Astronauts cannot do what in space ?-  Cry – no gravity for tears to flow

2-Where is The Popliteal Fossa ?- Back of Knee

3-5 African Mediterranean countries share what language ?- Arabic

4-Wool sorters disease is actually what ?- Anthrax

5-Taal is an alternative name for what language ?- Afrikaans

6-Russian blue and Turkish brown are types of what ?- Cats

7-The Emperors cup is awarded in what sport ?- Sumo wrestling

8-In Russia the national product is called Soldatsky what is it ?- Bread

9-Albert Sauvy coined what term in the 1950s ?- The Third World

10-What trio were originally called The Rattlesnakes ?- The Bee Gees

11-The Fields Medal is equal to a Nobel prize in what area ?- Mathematics

12-What is the capitol of Venezuela ?- Caracas

13-In medicine what is an Anomaloscope used for ?- Test for colour blindness

14- Name the Indian version of Barbie ?- Monica

15-Name the Egyptian God of funerals ?- Anubis

16-Polyhexamethyleneadipamide is better known as what ?- Nylon

17-In what sport would you find a Tell Tale ?- Squash – Tin strip ball can’t hit

18-What is the only counties national flag different both sides ?- Paraguay

19-Morbi in Gujarat is where most of the worlds what are made ?- Wall Clocks

20-In what sport would you find a Bagel ?- Tennis – Set won 6-0

21-In Tennis where is the Australian Open played ?- Flinders Park

22-What was the first sport to be filmed ?- Boxing by Thomas Edison 1894

23-In the Tom and Jerry cartoons name the other mouse ?- Nibbles or Tuffy

24-Facts, Briefs, Destiny and Chance were early names for what ?- Time Magazine

25-Methyphobia is the fear of what ?- Alcohol

26-Tribology is the study of what ?- Friction

27-What is measured on the Torro scale ?- Tornados

28-What does a Grabatologist collect ?- Ties

29-The name of this animal translates as ghost what is it ?- The Lemur

30-What country has two AK47 assault rifles on it’s flag ?- Mozambique

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