General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-Camille Pizarro the impressionist was born in which country ?- West Indies

2- William Kemmlar in 1890 was the worlds first what ?-  Executed by electric chair

3- What country awards the Nobel peace prize ?- Norway

4- Who is Harry Potters main enemy ?- Lord Voldemort

5- What colour is the number 10 on 10 Downing street ?- White

6- Where in your body is the labyrinth ?- Ear

7-The dinosaur apatosaurus used to be called what ?- Brontosaurus

8-Allergic Rhinitis has what more common term ?- Hay Fever

9- Ecophobia is a fear of what ?- Home

10-What Olympic event was dropped in 1920 Tug of War -1900 to 1920

11- What is a gharial ?- Fish eating Nile Crocodile

12- The flowers of the curry plant are what colour ?- Yellow

13-What boxer was nicknamed The Ambling Alp ?- Primo Carnera

14- Where was the original Crystal Palace built ?- Hyde Park in London

15-What is a spoodle ?- Kitchen instrument spoon ladle cross

16-What animal is responsible for most deaths in the USA annually ?- Dogs

17- What is the most common mammal in the UK ?- Brown Rat

18-Name the second most commonly spoken language in Australia ?- Italian

19-Which athletic event requires five judges ?- Triple Jump

20-What vegetable was Emperor Nero’s favourite ?- The Leek

21- What nation invented the toilet seat ?- Egyptian

22-Who rejected the 1964 Nobel prize for literature ?- Jean Paul Sarte

23-What elements name comes from the Greek word for violet ?- Iodine

24-VH is the international aircraft registration for which country ?- Australia

25-  Phyllophobia is the fear of what ?- Leaves

26-  What is a cachalot ?- A Sperm Whale

27-What is an onychophagist  ?- A nail biter

28-In 1885 Canada sold what to US for $150000 ?- Niagara Falls

29-What’s the only city today split in two by a wall ?- Nicosia Cyprus

30- What is the Latin word for poison ?- Virus

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