General Awareness

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General Awareness-Miscellaneous

1-Who was the first person to wear a wristwatch ?-  Queen Elizabeth 1st

2-What city is at the mouth of the Menam river ?- Bangkok

3- In what sport is the Palma Match contested ?- Shooting

4-Ireland and New Zealand are the only countries that lack what ?- Native Snakes

5-Name the first self contained home computer  ? – A Commodore Pet

6- What exploded in 1720 ?- The South Sea Bubble

7- Who named a city after his horse Bucephalus ?- Alexander the Great

8-Ball point pen ink is made from dye and what ?- Castor Oil

9-Hans Lippershey made the worlds first practical what ?- Microscope

10- In Hindu philosophy what does Yoga literally mean ?- Union

11-Who was the founder of Judaism ?- Abraham

12-Which sea is sometimes called the Euxine Sea ?- Black Sea

13-What can be types called chordate, needle and cruciform ?- Tree Leaves

14- Musca Domestica can cause disease in man – what is it ?- Common Housefly

15- Name the English chemist who first isolated sodium ?- Sir Humphry Davie

16-Interpol was founded in 1923 in what city ?- Vienna

17- Musophobia is a fear of what ?- Mice

18- The opera Aida was commissioned in 1869 to mark what event ?- Opening Suez canal

19-Only 15% of French wines have what on the label ?- Appellation Controlee

20- What are blombergs, oak and fire bellied  types of ?- Toads

21- Sherlock Holmes paid 55 shillings for what ?- His Stradivarius violin

22- What is an arras ?- A wall hanging e.g. tapestry

23-What literary prize ( worth £30000 ) is for women authors only ?- Orange Award

24- The musical Chu Chin Chow is based on what fable ?- Ali Baba and the forty thieves

25-The De Beaumont centre in London specialises in what sport ?- Fencing

26- Sir Francis Drake named it New Albion what is it today ?- Oregon USA

27-What elements name comes from the Greek meaning lazy ?- Argon

28- Who directed Star Trek films 3 and 4 ?- Leonard Nimoy

29- Cretinism is caused by a failure of what ?- Thyroid gland

30-What is a Fata Morgana ?- Type of Mirage

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