General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-Zimbabwe won its first ever Olympic gold in 1980 in what event ?- Women’s Hockey

2-What is or was the capitol of Hong Kong ?- Victoria

3- The thickness of silk is measured in what ?- Denier

4-Charcoal Sulphur Saltpetre make what ?- Gunpowder

5-The word Sofa comes from the Arabic meaning what ?- Bench

6- In 1961 Anton Geesink was the first non Japanese to do what  ?- Win a Judo title

7- Where is the worlds oldest university ?- Fez Morocco –founded 859

8-Ancient Carthage is in what modern country ?- Tunisia

9-What type of creature was Salar – that Tarka would like to eat ?- Salmon

10-The capitol of Nigeria was Lagos what is it now ?- Abouga

11-Which plant gets its name from the Persian for turban ?- Tulip

12-What does GP mean on a music score when all players silent ?- General Pause

13-What celestial body gets its name from the Greek long haired ?- Comet

14- A petrologist studies what ?- Rocks history formation etc

15- What are the Roman numerals for 505 ?- DV

16-Name the river that flows through Baghdad ?- Tigris

17- How did Dr Watson’s first wife die ?- Diphtheria

18- To whom was the Eroica dedicated ?- Napoleon Bonaparte

19-Pali is the sacred language of who ?- Buddhists in India

20- What country holds the Olympic polo championship ?- Argentina last contested 1932

21- In Gulliver’s Travels name the flying island ?- Laputa

22-What city has the most canals ?- Birmingham

23-Where was Oceanus Hopkins born in 1620 ?- On the Mayflower

24- What is the world’s warmest sea ?- The Red Sea

25-Who composed the Christmas Oratorio ?- J S Bach

26-Where was pizza first invented ?- Milan

27-In what country is The Duma part of parliament ?- Russia

28- In what sport does herringboning take place ?- Skiing

29- What is a marcupium ?- A marsupials pouch

30-At you would find information about what ?- Food or Restaurants

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