General Awareness

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General Awareness : Miscellaneous

1-What do Ombrophobes fear ? – Rain

2-Hippopotamus animal produces its own sun tan lotion.


3- The name of Isaac Newton’s dog Diamond caused fire in lab.

                                                                Isaac Newton

4-Juglans Regia is the real name of Walnut tree .

                                                                   Walnut tree

5- The worlds tallest grass is Bamboo.

6-Formic acid was first prepared from distilled red ants.

7- European city Venice was the bride of the sea .

8-Yabusame is the Japanese version Archery sport.

9-Dendrologists worship trees.

10-Motor Rallying is the national sport of Finland.

11-Peter Goldmak invented Long-playing (LP) Record in 1948.

                                                              Peter Carl Goldmark

12-How did the Greek dramatist Aeschalys die ?- Eagle dropped tortoise on head.

13-Eiffel designed the Eiffel tower -Gustave was his first name .

                                                                 Gustave Eiffel

14-The Salk vaccine is used against disease called Polio.

15-An alloy of Iron, Chromium and Nickel makes Stainless Steel.

16-Egypt first used the fountain pen.

17-TAP is the national airline of Portugal country.

18-A nilometer measures the rise and fall of what Rivers (originally Nile).

19-Carbon  element is present in all organic compounds.

20-A skulk is a group of foxes.


21-Iris was the Goddess of the rainbow.

22-Charlie Chaplin  was the first actor to appear on cover of Time magazine.

23-Polyphemus was the leader of Cyclops group of mythical giants.

24- Pluviomoter measures Rainfall.

25-English  language has the most words.

26-The comma bacillus causes disease Cholera.

27-Japan invented Venetian Blinds.

28-Laika was the first ever dog to go into space .

In 1957, Laika became the first animal launched into orbit, paving the way for human spaceflight

29-If you have Chlorosis what colour does the skin go ?- Green.

30- Biltong is dried meat.

                                                                     Biltong quick drying using an electric oven

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