General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1- The worlds oldest monotheistic religion is Judaism.

2-Uruguay government spends most in social security %.

3-Peniaphobia fear of what  ? – Ans-  Being Penniless.

4- The last European nation to accept the potato was France.

5-Dr F Lanchester invented Disc Brakes motor safety aid in 1902.

6-Halophobia fear of what ?- Ans- Speaking

7- The national drink of Yugoslavia is Slivovitz

8-The Roman Numeral for 1000 is M.

9-USA has most roads. has second most.

10-Danube river flows through 8 countries and four capitols.

11-In 1848 The London Daily News carried the worlds fistWeather report /
forecast .

12- Kakapoo is a Nocturnal New Zealand Parrot.

13-Part of the human body can expand 20 times its normal size-  Stomach 0.5 litres to 5 litres.

14-Tennis player Jimmy Connors was sued by his fan club .

15-A chemically castrated cock is called Capon.

16- Mount Aspiring National Park is in New Zealand (South Island).

17-What countries days include Fire day, Water day and wood day ?- Ans- Japan Tue Wed Thu.

18- London city has the longest metro system.

19-Yoga (the meditation) is a Sanskrit word meaning Union.

20-China consumes the most coal each year.

21-An anemometer measures Wind Speed.

22-James Outram invented Tramways.

23-The Bermuda Bowl is world championship in game called Bridge.

24-USA has most cars what country has second most ?-Ans- Japan.

25-The only alt therapy fully recognised Western medicine is Osteopathy.

26-1804 J M Jacquard invented first programmable device – Loom (programmed punch cards).

27-Nacre is more commonly known as Mother of Pearl.

28-The USA has the most railtrack – what country second ?-Ans- Canada.

29-What is a smew ?-Ans- A type of wild duck.

30-Aleksei Leanov was the first to do Space walk.



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