General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-Demeter was the Greek god of Harvest.

2-Archaeopteryx was the first what ?-  Bird

3-In 1810 in England Peter Durand invented Tin can (food).

4- The oldest known infectious disease is Leprosy.

5-A JPEG is a picture file format – JPEG stand for Joint Photographic
Experts Group.

6- The worlds largest sea (in area) is South China.

7-Madagascar islands wildlife is 90% unique.

8-What are truffles, highly prized as food- Fungi.

9- The world largest seed is Coco-de-mare palm –double coconut.

10-Bristlemouths are the worlds most common Fish.

11-Sperm swims at 1/8 inch an hour.

12-Trypanophobia is fear of what Inoculations –Injections

13-Colonel Jacob Schick invented Electric Razor in 1928 in USA .

14-Light Flyweight weight is the lightest in Amateur Boxing.

15-Ronald Ross campaigned for the destruction of what Mosquitoes – stop malaria.

16-Who won two Nobel prizes in different fields ?- Marie Curie Physics 1903, Chemistry 1911.

17-Evidence of Acupuncture alternative treatment found in 5300 mummy.

18-In 1879 James Ritty invented Cash Register .

19-The okapi belongs to Giraffe family of animals.

20-Dimitri Mendeleyev is credited with the discovery of Periodic Table .

21-Taphophobia is fear of buried alive

22-Genuphobia is the fear of Knees

23-Percy LeBaron Spencer invented Microwave Oven in 1945 in USA.

24-St Peter was the first Pope and St Linus  was second .

25-The Body is studied in the science of somatology .

26-The Dutch European nation was the first to drink tea.

27-Which part of the body is most sensitive to radiation ? – The Blood

28- Sericulture is growing of Silkworms.

29-Frigophobia is fear of being cold.

30- Sony company invented the transistor radio in 1952.

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