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General Studies -Biology -Cell

1- The structural and functional unit of the living body is called Cell. All living organisms are made of cells.

2-The history of cell science begins with the description of a thin section of a cork by Robert Hooke.

3-Cells were first observed by Robert Hooke in 1665.

4-Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek was the first to see lining bodies under microscope which he had constructed himself described the existence of unicellular organisms.

5-The cell is the fundamental unit of single cellular and multicellular organisma.

6-Cell exhibits a variety of shapes,sizes and number.

7-The cell has three main parts-cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus.

8-Robert Brown discovered nucleus in orchid leaf.

9-Single celled animals are called unicellular organisms.

10-Cell wall gives strength and rigidity to plants.

11-Plant cells differ from those of animals in having an additional layer around the cell membrane termed cell wall.

12-Cell wall is the layer present over the cell membrane.

13-The boundary of a cell is called cell membrane.

14-The jelly like substance between the nucleus and the cell membrane is called cytoplasm.

15-Nucleus is a prominent spherical body present in the cells ,controlling centre of all the activities in the cell.

16-Organelles are tiny structure present in the cytoplasm of cells,perform important life functions.

17-Group of tissues are called organs.

18-Pseudopodia is a locomotory organ in Amoeba.

19-Colouring the sample is called staining.

20-Magnify the size of an organism or cell or tissue is called magnification.

21-Concentrating o9n particular material is called focussing.

22- Organisation of cell

Organ System

23-Examples of unicellular organisms are Amoeba,Bacteria, Chlamydomonas.

24- Most of the plants and animals are multicellular organisms.

25- The largest cell is the egg of Ostrich.

25-Compound microscope was made in the year 1595.

26-In leaves exchange of gases takes place through stomata.

                                                                 Plant Cell Structure

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