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1-Name of Alexander’s horse – Beucephalus

2-Founder of modern Germany – Bismark

3-Singapore was founded by – Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

4-World Literacy day – 8th September

5-The famous British one-eyed Admiral was – Nelson

6-The person called the “Father of Modern Italy” – G. Garibaldi

7-Earlier name of Sri Lanka was – Ceylon

8-The first explorer to reach South Pole – Cap. Ronald Amundsun

9-UNO was formed in the year -1945

10-The primary producer of newsprint in the world – Canada

11-‘Last Judgement’ was the first painting of an Italian painter named – Michealangelo

12-Most famous painting of Pablo Picasso was – Guermica

13-The first man to reach North Pole was – Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary

14-The first industrial revolution took place in – England

15-Permanant secretariat of SAARC is located at – Kathmandu

16-The country with the highest population density is – Moaco

17-The earlier name of New York city was – New Amsterdam

18-Red Cross was founded by – Jean Henri Durant

19-Eiffel tower was built by – Alexander Eiffel

20-Australia was discovered by – James Cook

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