Geography- Deserts and Lakes

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Geography -Deserts and Lakes


Important Deserts:

Little Sahara : Australia

Fozil desert : Kalahar

Painted desert : North America

Death desert : Thakkala Makkan

Warmest desert : Sahara

Coldest desert : Gobi

Great Indian desert : Thar

Driest desert : Attakkama

Attakkama : South America

Roob Asavali : Asia

Kalahari : Africa

Thar : India

Sahara : Africa

Great Victoria : Australia

Nameeb : Nameebia

Sahel : China

Great Sandy : Australia

Thakkala Makkan : China

Important Lakes:

Ladol : Europe

Superior : North America

Caspian : Asia

Victoria : Africa

Ayar : Australia

Vozthok : Antartica

Marakkoiba : South America

Land of ten thousand lakes : Minazotta

Azad : Syria

Nazar : Egypt

Largest artificial lake : Volta (Ghana)

Largest freshwater lake : Superior

Land of thousand lakes : Finland

Oldest lake, Deepest lake : Baikkal (Russia)

Largest Island Lake : Manitollin

Largest salt water lake : Caspian sea

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