Geography -Volcanoes -One Liners

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Geography -Volcanoes


Important Volcanoes-


Barren : India (Andaman Nicobar)

Vezuvias : Italy
It’s most famous for the devastating eruption in AD 79 that destroyed the towns of Pomeii and Herculaneum.

Etna : Italy

Mauna Loa: Hawaii.

Mount St. Helens Volcano: United States

USA– Mount Mazama – This is the name for the stratovolcano that exploded more than 7000 years ago, creating what is now Crater Lake in Oregon.

Stromboli : Italy
An active volcano just off the coast of Sicily. It has been constantly erupting for the last 2,000 years or so.

Krakathove : Indonesia
It is in the Sunda Strait near the island of Java. It exploded in 1883 creating one of the largest eruptions in recorded history.

Kilimancharo : Tanzania

Ring of fire : Pacific

Mount Tambora: Indonesia.

Ecuador- 1-Cotopaxi – A very active volcano in Ecuador, popular with hikers.

2-Chimborazo – This dormant stratovolcano is the highest point in Ecuador,

Pina thubo : Philippense

Lighthouse of the Mediteranian : Stromboli

Lighthouse of the Pacific : Ezalko

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