Geography -Important One Liners For Competitive Exam

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Geography deals with the nature and relative arrangement of places and physical features
Geography deals with the nature and relative arrangement of places and physical features


1- India lies in the hemisphere – Northern and eastern

2-The state having largest area under waste land is Rajastan

3-Myanmar is closest to Andaman Islands

4-Tropic of Cancer passes through the middle of India

5-Indus is a Trans- Himalayan river.

6-The two Volcanic islands in the Indian territory are Pamban and Barren

7- 10 Degree Channel ‘ water Body ‘ separates Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

8-The largest southern most single Island in India is Great Nicobar Island

9-The Eastern coast of India is known as Coromandal Coast

10- Arunachal Pradesh state is in the eastern most state of India

11- Krishna-Godavari Delta region in india is known as the “Rice Bowl of India”

12-Railway passenger coaches are manufactured at Perambur .

13-Duncan passage is situated between South Andaman and Little Andaman

14-Godavari river of India is called Vridha Ganga

15- Goa state of india has the smallest land area

16-The approximate length of the coast line of India is 7,000km

17-Bangladesh has the longest International boundary with India

18-The deepest land locked and protected port in india is Vishakhapatnam

19-The difference in the duration of day and night increases as one moves from Equator to poles

20-The upper part of the mantle upon which the crust of the earth floats is called Asthenosphere

21-North sea is the largest fishing ground while the North-West pacific is the greatest region

22-The place of origin of an earthquake is called focus.

23-The highest average salinity amongst the following seas is reported from Dead Sea

24-The North Atlantic Route is the busiest sea route.

25-Tsunamis are originated due to Earthquake

26-Simla is cooler than Amritsar although they are on the same latitude as Simla is at greater height above sea level than Amritsar

27-Pelagic deposits consists of Organic ooze materials

28-Ema is an example of Active volcano

29-Cyclonic rainfall largely occurs in India

30-The Shortest air route from Moscow to San Francisco is ‘Over the Atlantic Ocean’.

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