Geography One-Liners for various competitive examinations

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Geography One-Liners for various competitive examinations


Thank You for landing the Geography section page.

 Maximum questions come from Geography portion in different competitive exams.

Here are some important Geography one-liners for students competing for various exams

Watch some of the important Geography Bits below.

1- Industrial Revolution took place first in Europe.

2- The ocean current of Atlantic ocean is called Gulf stream in America, while in Europe, it is called North Atlantic Drift.

3- Wheat is the main crop of European countries.

4-Winds blow all the year round from the Atlantic Ocean towards Europe. These are called Westerlies.

5-Europe has several snow-covered mountains like the Alps and Pyrenees.

6- Ocean that separates Europe and North America is the Atlantic Ocean.

7- Land masses that are surrounded by the Sea on three sides and connected to the mainland on the fourth side are called Peninsula.

8- In fact, Europe and Asia are one continuous landmass. This landmass is called Eurasia.

9- Island– Landmass that is covered with water on all sides.

10- Bay– Part of the Sea enclosed by land on three sides. In a Bay, the land curves and the mouth of the bay are usually wide as in the Bay of Bengal.

11- Gulf– A gulf is a narrow inlet of the sea and has a narrow mouth.

12- Dykes– The Dutch people have reclaimed small portions of land from the sea by building embankments called Dykes.

13- Dogger Bank– The part of the North Sea near Britain, which contains ample food materials for fishes.

14- Polder– The portion of land reclaimed by Dutch through dykes.

15- Rhine and Po rivers start from the Alps mountains.

Alps mountains
Alps mountains






16- Mediterranean climate is very good for growing juicy fruits.

17- The countries surrounding the North Sea are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, Scotland etc.

18- The countries to the south of Baltic Sea are Poland and Germany.

19- The countries to the north of Baltic Sea are Sweden and Finland.

20- Europe is named after a woman Europa.

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