Geography-One Liners- August 19, 2017

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Geography-One Liners

1-Rainfall is often caused in the coastal areas due to warm currents.

2-Savanna grasslands are located in Africa.

3-The average weather conditions of a place are called Climate.

4-Ionosphere plays an important role in Communication and Radiowaves.

5- Presence of water vapour in the air is known as Humidity.

6-Day to day atmospheric conditions like Temperature, rainfall, and humidity is called Weather.

7-‘Cold currents’ generally moves from Polar region.

8-Example of ‘Inland Waterways’ are Rivers and Lakes.

9-Mass Media related to Radio, Television, News papers.

10-Airways was the fastest way of Transport in the early twentieth century.

11-There are two types of waterways are there.

12-The World’s grasslands are divided into two types.

13-Mediterranean regions are known for Orchards of the World.

14-The word Taiga derived from Russia.

15-Taiga means Snow.

16-Toucans are a type of Birds.

17-The radius of the inner core is 1200km.

18-Velds grasslands are located in Africa.

19-Campos grasslands are located in Brazil.

20-Evergreen forests are located in Equatorial regions.

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